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A lot of people want to earn a bit of extra cash. If your day job is just for paying the bills, then you need a sideline to spend for your interests, hobbies, and the like.

After all, making ends meet from paycheck to paycheck is just you surviving but not truly living. You need the additional rewards only a moonlighter can earn.

And what’s one hobby that’s easy to do and is worthwhile enough to earn a profit? Crafting. Yes, a crafting hobby can be a good business, especially if it involves any of these examples. 

Wedding Crafting and Decorating


The wedding industry is a huge market. Its typical demographics are directly proportional to the global population. There is never a shortage of people getting married, so wedding designers enjoy a ceaseless demand and, therefore, a never-ending cashflow.

It also helps that every service or product labeled with the word weddingin front automatically increases their value. Creating pocket wedding invites, for example, can sell for more than invitations for other occasions do.

If you have the eye for embellishment, employ your skills to weddings. Don’t worry if there are already hundreds of big wedding businesses established. Even people who want a budget wedding (and so avoid those corporate designers) can be a niche in themselves, with small-time crafters thriving on their frugality.

Today, such frugal couples-to-be are becoming more common. Millennials want more charm than pizzazz, novelty over a gaudy display of wealth, realizing that it’s wiser to save money for the actual married life rather than just for the ceremony.

Buy wholesale craft suppliesso you can save money from bulk discounts and create cute and unique wedding favors, decors, and so on.

Phone Case Designing

Almost everyone owns a mobile. Some even have two or more, and for a significant number of them, teens and young adults especially, their phones have become an extension of their body, their identity.

Such people are always on the market for accessories. Items like phone cases, for example, add personality to one’s device. With them, phones become more than just a gadget. They turn into a badge of character, your statement to the world as to who you are.

So if you’re creative enough to design stock casesand turn them into something unique, you can potentially earn a steady income. You can even put up a social media account (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, etc.), publish your works there, and get commissions and special order requests.

Even better, if you know how to make interest-specific designs, then you can benefit from niche markets, geeks, for example. Draw fantasy, superhero, or video game art on a phone case and put up a booth in a geek convention like Comic-Con. You’ll make a lot of kids happy and also fill your pockets with a nice number of Lincolns at the same time.

Car Art Doodling and Scribbling

This one originated in Taiwan then spread to other countriesaround the world. It’s an extremely niche business because not many have this kind of talent.

Besides, who would want doodles on their cars in the first place?

Try owners of luxury and sports vehicles. Those people who want to stand out in the streets rather than blend in with the traffic of commoners. They typically have plenty of money to spare for a new look, and the more unorthodox your designs are, the more interest you can attract.

Are you skilled enough to elevate a Lambo from being an already-impressive toy to a rolling, out-of-this-world masterpiece? It’s a high-risk, high-reward venture because, if you botch a job, expect your clients to shred you like a mother bear protecting her baby.

However, you do have other less-risky alternatives to this kind of business.

John Oliver from Brunswick, Ohio, paints calligraphy ads on carsthat are for sale. He usually takes about 30 seconds to finish one sign and earns $75 per car. He can do around 400 cars a day. Do the math. How much money does he make every day?

Anything Else?

Well, these are just some examples of crafting hobbies that can be lucrative. Since crafting is an umbrella term for a number of various skills, there may be other opportunities for those passionate in their hobby.

If you can find a demand for your creations, then you can be sure that you can potentially make money from it. So be on the lookout for the new trends. Who knows? Maybe your specific skill set will become relevant and lucrative someday!

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