Guide To Buying The Right Car Insurance In The UK

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Buying and using a vehicle can make commuting, traveling easier and it also liberates you from the compulsion of using public transport. However, it is also necessary that you safeguard the vehicle bought from mishaps and theft by opting for car insurance. Choosing car insurance in the UK is seldom easy. There are so many entities offering car insurance plans and buyers get baffled.

Easing the process of car insurance selection

Whether you have bought a sedan or a luxury SUV, choosing the insurance for the vehicle should not make you jittery! You can simplify the process by opting for services of online insurance comparison and quote service providers. In these sites, you can check out the various vehicle insurance policies and assess and compare them properly. You may check out Money Expert’s car insurance comparison service in this regard.

Various types of car insurance coverage

Not all vehicle insurance policies offer same level of protection. The plans can be segregated into 3 types:

  • Third-party only-It is the basic coverage and covers damages when you collide with vehicle of another person or damage his/her property. However, it does not pay cost for repairing your vehicle.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft- This type of insurance covers you from third-party related costs and also safeguards from mishaps like theft and fire. It also covers damages caused by theft attempts.
  • Comprehensive- This is the costliest car insurance plan type but it covers the vehicle from all sorts of damages and mishaps.

How to obtain the best car insurance quote online

To ensure you can find the best quote for vehicle insurance online, you need to provide details of the vehicle and personal information. These include:

  • Personal details like age, occupation and the driver’s license.
  • Vehicle Information like model and details including number plate.
  • Claim history for the last 5 years.

How to assess online vehicle insurance comparison and quote providers

You should check a few aspects when seeking service of web based vehicle insurance comparison service providers. First of all, you need to see if the service is being provided free or not. You also need to check the number of insurance companies covered by the online comparison agency.

Tips to obtain car insurance quotes that do not bleed your wallets

If you are not careful, you may have to pay more to get the vehicle insured. Utilize the following tips to obtain wallet friendly vehicle insurance quotes online:

  • You need to pay less to get the car insured when it has proper safety measures embedded. Safety measures like theft alarms and digital locks ensure you pay less amount of money in vehicle insurance.
  • Installing telematics device in the car may help you get lower quotes.
  • You have to pay less in car insurance if you pay annually.

There are a few factors that can impact online car insurance quotes. These include age, type of vehicle bought, gender of the applicant, medical conditions etc. Nevertheless, you can get the right quote by using Money Expert’s car insurance comparison service.

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