Why is Atlanta the Best Place to Base Your Company?

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Affordable housing, convenient transportation, and plentiful resources make Atlanta the best place to do business.

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Atlanta has become a booming town for start-ups, tech groups, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies, largely in part for how easy it is to start and maintain a business. Support from the city in the way of convenient transportation, low cost of living, and access to a smart labor pool all contribute to the 15 reasons why Atlanta is a great place to do business:

1)     Affordable housing

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It’s no secret that launching a business requires time, resources, and a ton of capital and dedication leaving little time for anything else. Therefore, low cost of living in a city can really help start-ups and those getting their feet off the ground. Many people have noticed that living in a big city like Atlanta is relatively less expensive than other biggies and meets the requirements of what they’re trying to do (especially considering there are many free classes for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies).

2)     Access to a highly skilled labor pool

The crazy amount of quality colleges and universities in the Atlanta area creates a hungry pool of well-educated graduates eager to gain experience and contribute their new fresh ideas. Matched with exciting businesses and industries always looking for interns, Atlanta welcomes all sorts of hard-working people who can bring specialized experience.

3)     Atlanta offers companies incentives to relocate

Not that long ago, the city began offering incentives in the form of tax credits, loans, bonds, and grants to prompt businesses to establish roots in the Peach State. Now a few years later, those startups have become thriving businesses thanks to Georgia’s support.

4)     A robust array of industries

According to Inc., Atlanta has is the third largest hotbed in America for Fortune 500 companies from movies and TV show productions (like Captain America, X-Men Apocalypse and The Walking Dead) to health care marketing and tech hubs such as Pandora, MailChimp, Athena Health, and Cardinal. If you are looking to get into a specific industry, you can probably find it here.

5)     Top-notch health care

Atlanta hosts some of the biggest most comprehensive health care systems in the nation, including Emory University Hospital (serving the city for 100 years offering a broad range of services from orthopedics to neurological health), VITAS Healthcare for long-term hospice assistance, and more. It looks like Atlanta is always hiring, too…as of September 27, 2018 there were 2,695 healthcare jobs listed on Monster.

6)     Optimistic and future-focused

Atlanta proved that they were ahead of the curve by working closely with AT&T and the Georgia Institute of Technology to support infrastructure and manage traffic by integrating smart tech innovations into the city, thus creating a better quality of life for its residents.

7)     A great airport

If you are a frequent US flyer, then you’ve probably been in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at one time or another. And if so, do you remember your experience there? In 2015, the Air Transport Research Society stated that more than 250,000 passengers travel through ATL a day and despite the constant hustle and bustle, it still remains the most efficient airport in the world.

8)     It’s where all the millennials are going

Money.com released a stat that Atlanta is home to 1.4 million millennials and that number continues to rise. With some of the best sports venues, award-winning restaurants and lower prices of food, housing, clothing, and gas matched with a booming job market, it makes sense why younger folks would want to settle in a place that’s fun and affordable.

9)     Which means there’s a strong budding entrepreneur/start-up scene

Not only is there access to top universities, key leaders, and a booming population of consumers, Atlanta has more than 120,000 B2B start-ups and is known as a thriving tech hub due to the emergence of communal co-working spaces. That means a lot of smart, creative people coming up with innovations that make people’s lives better.

10)  There are great universities around

Top-notch educational institutions in Atlanta including Emory University, Georgia State University, and Georgia Tech are recruiting the best and the brightest minds who then go onto graduate and make a difference in their community.

11)  It’s easy to get around (convenient transportation)

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The Hartsfield-Jackson International airport is a favorite amongst local business travelers and has been called on of the most efficient plane hubs in the US. However, Atlanta also has a secret weapon- the MARTA railway and bus system which is a popular way to get around for tech employees.

12)  Proximity to key leaders

Not only is Coca-Cola, Porsche, and The Home Depot headquartered here, but key influencers are also starting companies that you could have an opportunity to be a part of. Take for instance Sharecare…started by Jeff Arnold who also founded the biggest health care website ever (you may have heard of Web MD?)- It’s almost a sure bet that Sharecare will blow minds in improved health care access.

13)  Diversity

Atlanta’s exponential population growth and change in identity over recent years also breeds diversity which tends to happen when you have people coming from all different backgrounds and cultures to contribute their ideas. Georgia Tech is considered one of the original start-up incubators in the country – it’s aided more than 130 thriving businesses in their launches.

14)  Plentiful networking opportunities

Just like New York City, we would go as far to say that Atlanta is the next “city that never sleeps”. With its abundance of everything you could ever want and/or need and always something to do/somewhere to go, people have a huge advantage in meeting their personal and professional soulmates. Groups such as GAFollowers are always posting cool events and Hypepotatmus is a local LinkedIn for start-ups.

15)  Angel investors

Ever since equity crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe became legal in Atlanta, investors can easily meet up with entrepreneurs who are creating products and services that they are passionate about. With groups like Angel Atlanta kicking down money to support early-stage businesses, capital in the city is at an all-time high.

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