As a stay-at-home parent I am often on the lookout for little ways to earn money. Sometimes I find myself with a spare minute in between making lunches, running errands and tending to my children. For example, my youngest often falls asleep on the way to pick up my eldest from school. While I wait in carline I’ll pull up a rewards site to complete surveys, click links or watch a video.

A few days ago I found out about GrabPoints, This is a relatively new website that helps you earn money and gift cards whenever you complete simple tasks like answering surveys, watching videos, completing offers or installing and testing apps on your mobile device. I learned about GrabPoints from a long time reader of One Frugal Girl who earned enough money to pay for her kid’s Christmas presents this winter.

With GrabPoints you won’t earn a million dollars overnight, but if you have the spare time this website might help you earn a little extra cash. If you think you might be interested check out the details below.

More Info about GrabPoints

GrabPoints is a rewards site. You get points whenever you accomplish the simple tasks I listed above. Once you earn the minimum amount you can then redeem your points as free Paypal money, an Amazon gift card or a Walmart gift card, among many other options.

All of the GrabPoints tasks are easy to do, but answering surveys seems to be the most popular. I spent some time on the site and found that surveys were more profitable then some of the other point making opportunities.

There are many rewards sites out on the internet these days, but GrabPoints claims to be the world’s highest-paying rewards site in the world. They even have this graph that shows you how much you can earn performing specific tasks. Not only that, the graph even compares those earnings with how much you’ll make doing similar tasks on other sites. And the numbers show that GrabPoints is consistently the highest-paying rewards site.

I haven’t spent a ton of time on GrabPoints yet, but my long time reader confirmed that she has earned more on GrabPoints then other rewards site she’s tried. I’ll need to complete a few more tasks to find out for myself.

Please note: you won’t send your kids to college with the money you earn on GrabPoints. The site doesn’t make any outlandish claims about the money you’ll make with them, which I think makes them a more legitimate website then some others you’ll find on the Internet.

Use the supplemental income you earn to pay for groceries, holiday gifts or anything else you might want or need. If you use the site consistently you’ll find your payouts are roughly the same month after month, which can help you plan how you want to spend your money.

The Earning Methods on GrabPoints

So how do you earn money on GrabPoints and how much can you earn from each task? Here is the nitty-gritty:

Answering Surveys

GrabPoints surveys are used for market research.  Companies want to know what their markets want before making big decisions, and the best way to do that is by hiring sites like GrabPoints to distribute surveys to their members.

The surveys that you answer have been pre-selected based on your demographic. Your kids can even get involved. If they are old enough they can take age appropriate surveys using your account.

You can earn anywhere from $0.83 to $0.94, depending on the length of the survey.

Watching Videos

GrabPoints has a bunch of video channels that cover a wide range of topics. A lot of users like their lifestyle channel, but you can always switch between channels. You earn points whenever you finish watching a video. This is perfect for idle time, like when you are waiting in carline or relaxing after dinner.

You can earn $0.007 for each video you watch. That might not seem like a lot, but keep watching videos, and your earnings are sure to pile up.

Completing Offers

Completing offers involves signing up for free subscriptions or trial memberships. Some offers require you to make a purchase first, or provide your credit card info before you get your points. This is the most involved earning method on GrabPoints. Some folks are happy to provide this information and others are not. Do whatever you are comfortable with and nothing more.

You can earn $0.09 to $10.80 completing offers, depending on the different aspects of the offer.

Installing Apps

You can also earn on GrabPoints by installing apps on your mobile device. You might have to keep the app on your device for a specific amount of time, before you get your points.

How to Get Your Earnings

When you’ve accumulated at least $3 in your account, you can withdraw your earnings. It only takes 48 hours to process your withdrawal, which is a pretty fast turn around rate.

GrabPoints has a wide range of payout options that include:

Amazon gift card

Walmart gift card

Free Paypal Money

… and so much more. I prefer PayPal, Amazon, Target and Walmart but you can choose anything you like from their long list of offerings. Gift cards can come in handy for weekly groceries or buying gifts during the holiday season. And since payment processing is so fast, you can rely on getting your money by a specific date. That’s really helpful when you are planning your weekly budget.

Try It

If you are looking for a new rewards website consider giving GrabPoints a try. According to their website they offer higher payouts then many other point earning websites and their payment processing is fast and reliable. Many other sites require exceptionally high minimum payouts or take up to a week (or even more) to process payout requests, but GrabPoints consistently provides the highest earnings and one of the fastest processing times.

If you do try GrabPoints come back and leave a comment to let me know what you think about it.