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The United States of America, the prioritized destination of travelers, is the most popular country in the world. A well-developed state comprising of establishing 50 states, is the dream place of millions of people in the world. The world is captivated in the entrance of the American dream; the US with its embarking journey to lead in various fields of expertise has made them a country where people from all across the globe come to, fashioning the compartments of technology, opportunities for jobs, studies and industrialization.

With the recent headlines engulfing the media about various intrusions from the country into the affairs of other homelands, people are encompassed with specific political ideas regarding America and its people. But, I got the fantastic opportunity to travel to this place of dreams and revolutionize that concept for you because disregarding the political opinions, you cannot visit a place with an immense provision of opportunities in different fields and the beautiful traditions exhibited over this state.

Coming here, the first thing I was surprised to learn was that English was never termed as the official language of the state. People have been conversing in English for as long as I can remember, even invaded by the West dare I say, and transitioning the world to communicate internationally with this particular language. Yet, you may find it queer that English has been regarded as the unofficial language amongst people like an unspoken binding promise, a confession made in the streets that proclaimed to be agreed upon by the people. And while that is true, official documents are in English and that is why certified translation is needed when you try to move in the country.

What might dazzle you, slightly more, is that the country is consumed by the Spanish people, enough to proclaim Spanish as the second unofficial language of the country. YES! Out of 19 million folks across the country, a large group of people tends to communicate in Spanish for conveying their general idea.

The country is quite relaxed and busy simultaneously. People find themselves working regularly in their routines around a fixed schedule but find enough time to hang out with friends as they ponder upon their daily life issues over a cup of coffee. In the city of New York, you will be overwhelmed by the embracing vibes of the determination to work and the bustling streets occupied with noisy cars and a hush of a busy chill in the air. People are always on their clock, rustling around the city, in taxis, rummaging in their briefcases and on the hurry most of the time.

They are animal lovers without a trace of doubt. You will often find people walking their cats home, playing with their dogs in the park, nestling with the puppies and building a proper shelter at their respective home and even so, taking them to dates to sniff out the sense of loneliness often consuming the lives of people.

The US is a developed country, making it extremely accustomed to the idea of technology. You will not find many places where people are without their phones or surrounded by laptops and phone calls as they work their way through their busy routines. This also follows with the population being extensively obese. The junk food and processed, canned foods are their choice of flavors as they are cheaper and accessible for ready-made meals making food a mere choice to determine whatever you want to eat at any hour of the day. Another thing that I observed is that people like to achieve their goals in life independently. After reaching a certain age, kids carry on exploring the wonders of life as they travel to find their purpose and follow their aim in life. The disconnection is varied but not constant.

You will find yourself surrounded by the different cultures in the different cities of the states. It is as if you are visiting a whole different country when you travel backpacking your way into the premises of another beautiful city because each city, with its vast blue sea, or attractive landmarks, or tall skyscrapers or markets of produce or farms and mountains spread across the horizon, differ from each other in some aspect making your traveling dream come true.

America is best known because of its entertainment industry and the influence it has produced on the majority of people all over the world. It has evolved its industry by producing sets on a large scale and opening them to public affairs. The fandoms continue to grow and evolve as their merchandise is exhibited and the concerts have prevailed with an undying love for their respective idols.

America is a place with joyful people. They are loving, caring and are aware of a particular space that needs to be accustomed to every individual. They respect people but are liberal in their terms of speech and though. They are independent citizens believing in the equality of the justice and proclamation of the love all across the country. They are not hesitant to speak up about their issues but carry their protests in a professional method, refraining from certain aspects of violence to establish a sense of respect amongst the individuals of the state.

Countries are not just recognized on the basis of their strength and military, but importantly, with the profound impact, they leave on other people because of their intense culture and the roots of their tradition beautifully proliferated into the vast area of the exhibition. America has left a relentless desire in me to revisit this entrancing country.

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