When you think about living in Canada, the most obvious choices seem to be Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto. But did you know that these bustling cities are not the only option for a comfortable living in Canada? In fact, there are many more places in Canada which are far better for both Canadians as well as immigrants. We have put together a list of the best places to live in Canada in 2019:

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1. Oakville, Ontario

Our top pick in our list of best places to live in Canada is the beautiful city of Oakville in Ontario. Oakville is an up and coming city which is not yet as populated as the bigger cities of Toronto or Vancouver but still has a mix of many minorities such as South Asian and Chinese. Oakville is also a city with a very low unemployment rate and an even lower crime rate. The average monthly disposable salary for a resident of Oakville is a little more than CAD$3,000 while the rent for a one bedroom apartment in the city center would set you back about CAD$1,600 per month.

2. Richmond Hill, Ontario

If living expenses are not your primary concern and you just want a plush and wealthy neighborhood where you can soak in the delights of luxury, then Richmond Hill, Ontario is probably the best bet for you. The property prices in Richmond Hill are on a steady rise. The city itself is not home to any major industries or businesses but rather focuses on generating employment for the local population through small business ventures. Richmond Hill is a fairly quiet city with a wealthy neighborhood that you are sure to enjoy living in if you prefer smaller and calmer cities.

3. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is one of the biggest cities in Canada right on the lines of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal but is considered to be far better in terms of housing availability and standard of living. Calgary is a hub for professionals from all corners of the country as well as from Asian countries like the Philippines and China due to its diverse economy. Whether you are a professional specializing in finance, logistics, energy or any other field, you are sure to find a job that fits your niche in Calgary. Calgary is also a great place to find rental accommodation as there has been a steady increase in the availability of rental property at an all-time low monthly rental rate.

4. Ottawa, Ontario

Source: Pexels.com

Canada’s capital Ottawa which is home to the country’s most elite public service workers is also a great place to call home. It is considered to be one of the most balanced cities in Canada where rental rates are reasonable while the median salary is quite sufficient for daily expenses as well as savings without compromising on anything much. Unemployment rates have gone down drastically in the last few years and there has been an upswing in entertainment options such as movie theatres, clubs, and sports events. However, if you like living in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of a big city, you might want to give a pass to the comparatively boring Ottawa.

5. Brossard, QC

If you dream of owning a house of your own as soon as possible, that dream probably won’t come true if you are paying thousands of dollars for a one bedroom apartment in Montreal or Vancouver on a monthly basis. Instead, our suggestion is to try out the much more affordable town of Brossard, QC which is located on the outskirts of Montreal. This way you will be able to travel into Montreal every day from home for your job while also making sure that you save enough money to buy your own house quite soon.

6. West Vancouver, BC

Another suburb area which is in pretty high demand due to its proximity to one of the biggest cities in Canada is West Vancouver. Located right outside Vancouver, this place gives the double advantage of letting you avail all the benefits that Vancouver has to offer while making sure that you live in a safe and less expensive neighborhood. Another great thing about West Vancouver is that almost half the population of this place is made up of immigrants such as those who have migrated from Asian or African countries. So, if you are coming in to settle in Canada from outside, you will probably love living here.

7. Markham, Ontario

A populated suburb of Toronto, Markham was once an agricultural town but has since earned a name for itself as being one of the most hi-tech cities of Canada. The best part about Markham is its connectivity to Toronto as it is less than half an hour drive away from the biggest city of Canada. The neighborhood is pretty safe and is great for small families or couples. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom in Markham will cost about CAD$1,450 whereas if you want to buy an apartment here, it will cost you an average of CAD$8,250 per square foot.

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