What comes to your mind when you think of South America? For many it’s the Amazon rainforest for others it’s the ancient ruins and artifacts of Machu Picchu. In South America you will find a wide range of cultures, sights, tastes and sounds to explore. The next time you throw a dart at the map consider pointing it in the direction of South America.

To make the most of your adventure you might want to pay for an organized tour company. You can embark on a Brazilian tour or take an adventurous Peru tour to explore the Colca Canyon or the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca. No matter your South American destination you are certain to find lots to see and do. Here are six amazing reasons to visit this beautiful area.

1. Diversity in culture

One of the prime reasons why South America is popular in the eyes of the tourists is its diverse culture. The 13 countries making up this amazing continent consist of a variety of cultural practices, traditions, geography, heritage and the likes. Traveling through South America would mean going through these differences in culture and climate and geography and exploring the newness of it all. So if you are visiting this continent, the diversity of culture is sure to attract you!

2. Wildlife

If you are a fan of flora and fauna, this continent is going to prove to be the most epic vacation! Essentially South America houses a number of different ecosystems which can give the tourists sufficient exposure to different wildlife options. For instance, let us consider the famous Galapagos Islands. Owing to its isolated location and the absence of local predators, these wildlife species are pretty open to human interaction. In some other parts, you could have an encounter with the popular jaguar! Overall, wildlife is quite the standout feature of this place.

3. Blend of modern cities and historical heritage

South America is ideal for adventure lovers. Whether you are a fan of modern day lifestyle and modern cities or you thrive in the historical cities, this continent has the right mix of the two. Some of the historical cities give you a looking glass to view the cities’ heritage, its past history and the likes. With some amazing architectural work, this takes you a few centuries back. On the other hand, the continent also hosts some rather modern metropolitan cities with different restaurants, shopping areas, stylish hotels and the likes!

4. The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is one of the primary pros of visiting South America. This sentence is rather self-explanatory, don’t you think? We are all aware of the how mighty the Amazon Basin is, comprising of the rainforests and the river. Across 9 different countries, it hosts a number of interesting ecosystems. From different species of flora and fauna, to the diverse tribal cultures residing here, the Amazon proves to be quite the experience for visitors, and rightfully so!

5. Festivities

If you are in South America at the right time, you will be exposed to a number of different festivals and celebrations. The people of this continent are surely aware of living life to the fullest with their grand celebrations, displaying their rich culture.

One of the most popular celebrations in this regard is the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. People from all across the globe fly down to Rio during this time, taking the headcount to about 2 million on the streets! Another popular festival is Inti Raymii which celebrates and honors the sun! Music, food and rhythm – you name it and South America is at it!

6. Amicable ambiance

South America does manage to provide a very warm and friendly environment for the tourists. There are high chances that you would encounter some rather friendly locals down the street. Knowing a bit of Spanish helps in this part of the world. But they are surely very welcoming of the tourists.