Whether you’re looking to market your own business or working as a professional marketer, you might have heard about video marketing. Since the consumption of videos is growing faster than ever, companies are using videos to make their presence felt. The main reason behind this is that videos connect with audiences much more effectively than just a bunch of text or pictures. This doesn’t come as a surprise – marketers know that visuals are much more compelling than plain text. 

Did you know that the average attention span has reduced from 12 minutes in 1998 to just 8 seconds in 2018!? So, now more than ever, your business needsto have a robust video marketing plan. A lot of research has been conducted to figure out the exact causes behind such high levels of engagement. To break it down, here are 6 scientific reasons that explain why online videos grab viewers’ attention quickly and effectively. 


Videos help the audience focus on your message:

Some businesses and their mission statements are simpler to explain while others are not. If your business model feels too complicated, opt for an explainer video to convey the right message. Too often, long pages of text feel tedious to read and ultimately becomes incoherent. This drastically brings down audience engagement, rendering your marketing efforts completely useless. Instead, use a video to get your message across. In almost every case, a short, coherent, and quality video makes your message clear and succinct. Your message will also likely be well-received by your viewers. 

Videos swiftly grab your viewers’ attention:
Yes, the average attention span is just 8 seconds now. So, it’s much more important to create your content in ways that would make the viewer stop, stare, and engage. Only text or images aren’t going to be enough. Our brains are wired to pay attention to moving images and actionable activity. So, when compared with the other kinds of media, videos automatically become the top choice in this aspect. But attracting the viewer’s attention isn’t everything. You also need to ensure that you keep them immersed throughout the video. That way, their participation and engagement with the videos are assured. The best way to do that is to keep your video short, simple, and interesting. 


Videos enable higher levels of retention:
An image is a powerful medium of communication that can even convey intangible ideas. A video, on the other hand, can convey multiple complex ideas within a small period of time. If a picture is worth a thousand words, according to a study, one minute of video is worth approximately 1.8 million words. So, it makes sense to completely shift to videos, right? Not exactly, since different types of content still require text and pictures. So, increase retention rates by breaking up the monotony through videos. Incorporate an interesting video wherever possible as sifting through a series of images or reading long paragraphs of text can get boring. 

Videos evoke complex emotions:

To make your company relatable and humane, you need to infuse your content with emotions. However, with such short attention spans, the only way businesses can truly evoke emotion is through videos. Whether it’s an informational whiteboard video, an emotional cartoon video or a funny animated short, you can use the power of emotions to hook your audience. Instead of making us understandit, emotion in videos makes us feelthe video. Compared to what we read for over 10 minutes, we remember how we felt in that short amount of time. Use videos to press the right emotional buttons and you will witness sustained boosts in engagement. 


Videos easily explain tough ideas or concepts:

Videos are a good way to explain concepts or mission statements as they grab your viewer’s attention. Videos also make it easier for the brain to break down the information. Every time we read, we automatically use our “inside voice” and interpret the words in our brain. Since this takes effort and time, people with shorter attention spans would move on before you can get your message across. When we watch a video, the amount of time taken to interpret that information reduces dramatically. Hence, we absorb and retain the same amount of information quicker and easier when the content is in a video format. 

Videos bring your company to life:

Since the history of humans, we have always been drawn towards a community. In the digital age, videos are what draw us together from different parts of the world. Have you ever felt like you’ve missed out on something when you don’t watch a viral video? Alternatively, do you feel belonged after you know all about that viral video? The reasoning behind viral videos is basically the same. Essentially, your videos can be potent enough to build a community around your business. People who are involved in such communities tend to stay loyal to that particular business. These passionate fans bring in more people, thus increasing your customers and your brand value. 


As demonstrated above, opting for more video content can be very beneficial for your business. The science behind why we connect with videos has validated the benefits of video marketing. It has begun to change the game of internet marketing. Companies looking to grow their presence need to focus more on connecting with audiences through astute marketing strategies and powerful videos. 

However, all your efforts will fall short if your videos don’t have impressive content. Quality is key because your videos represent your company. If you don’t have an internal media team, outsource the work to a credible commercial video productioncompany. Since you’re entrusting them with your money and your company’s image, thoroughly check their work profile and past client testimonials. Once you’re satisfied, contact them and schedule a meeting. Choosing the right video production company can boost your marketing efforts, ensure improved ROI (return on investment), and bring in more convertible leads. So, restructure your video marketing plan to make it smarter, better, and more effective.