You live in New York and you want a career change. There are few better options than going into real estate. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours, and you don’t have a company making money from your work only to give you a small cut of the revenue in the form of a paycheck.

As far as career changes go, it’s also one of the most affordable paths you can go down. Going to (or back to) college can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take years. Here’s how you can get started:

Take the 75 Hour Real Estate Course in NY

In-person courses are an option, but the most convenient and affordable way to do it is online. You can sign up for real estate courses in NY online and complete the courses on your own terms.

Unlike regularly scheduled classes, you can take the 75 hour real estate courses in NY online with any schedule. Raising a family, working part time, working full time, or acting as a caregiver, you can complete the courses at your own pace.

Pass the School and State Exams

With the courses completed, you first have to pass the school exam (whether it’s online or in-person) and then pass the state exam. The state exam is multiple choice and there are multiple study resources out there to help you pass.

Find a Broker

Once you’ve passed the exams, you’re close to becoming a real estate agent in NY. There’s only one more step you need to complete: finding a broker. After you finish your 75 hour real estate courses in NY and passed the exam, a real estate broker will hold your license. They’re the ones who collect your commission and split it with you.

Getting Started After the 75 Hour Real Estate Course in NY

You’ve completed the 75 hour real estate course in NY, you’ve passed the NY real estate license exam, and you have your broker. Now what?

As your own boss, it’s up to you to find your own clients and start generating your own income. It can take some time before you earn your first commission check from a house. Homebuyers are putting a lot on the line and many won’t be willing to work with a first-time real estate agent.

One quick way to gain experience and start earning a commission check quickly is to work with rentals. Representing either tenants or landlords is a quick way to earn your first commission check – you could start earning money in your first month. In rent-competitive cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, and many others, more and more tenants are relying on real estate agents to find the perfect apartment.

Residential sales are the bread and butter of most real estate agents, but commercial sales can lead to enormous commission checks. Commercial sales require more knowledge, experience, and expertise, but the average commission check on commercial sales (including any residential building with more than 4 units) is around $100,000.

Real estate is an accessible, profitable career. Check out the 75 hour real estate course in NY today.