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Blogging For Money

This post is part of Women’s Money Week 2014.

I started this blog in 2006. In fact, next week marks the anniversary of it’s creation; eight years since I created my very first post! There weren’t a ton of personal finance blogs in existence back then, but I’ve always been interested in the topic and decided to distract myself from physical ailments by blogging about money and my relationship with it.

At some point along the way I began adding advertisements to the sidebar and attempting to gain referral money from a number of different websites. Eventually I permitted sponsored posts, which I was adamantly opposed to back in 2006.

I’m not as dedicated to this site as I should be. I also don’t like to push products or advertising. As a result I have earned a pitiful amount from maintaining this site.  Here is a snapshot of the money I earned in 2013.

Can you make money from blogging? Of course you can. JD Roth is a perfect example. He sold GetRichSlowly for some undisclosed amount of money that was large enough to allow him to move into semi-retirement. Will that be me. Probably not. At least not with this website.

I have found other ways to make small chunks of change here and there on the Internet. I’ve written about many of these before. I complete online surveys, enter giveaways, sell unwanted items on eBay and cash in on used books. I also sign up for programs that offer rewards for frequent purchases like Pampers, Coke and Disney Movie Rewards.

I haven’t earned a ton of money from any of these items individually, but each task takes very little time or effort. Last year I earned nearly $7,000 and my 2014 total recently hit the $1,500 mark.

March 5, 2014 at 7:00 AM 3 comments

Earn Money From Online Surveys: Pinecone Research Now Open

Update: It looks like Pinecone Research has closed it’s doors again and is no longer accepting applications.

Last year I earned roughly $575 from completing online surveys. I documented the details of the survey sites I use and you can check out that information here. At the time Pinecone Research, (one of my favorite sites), was not accepting new members, but it appears registration is now open for them. If you are interested in earning money by completing online surveys I urge you to check them out by clicking this link.

Here are a few other sites with open enrollment. Please note, I have not tried any of these myself.

You may also be interested in the Nielson Home Scan Consumer Panel. I have not joined this program, but I do have a friend who enjoys using it.


*Note: This post contains referral links.

April 20, 2013 at 9:51 AM 1 comment

Any Experience with Consignment Stores?

I have a bunch of baby stuff sitting in closets and plastic tubs in our home that I no longer need. There is that diaper bag I received at my baby shower but never used, a stroller that is much too short for someone my height and a bunch of pajamas that we’ve used only once or twice before getting frustrated by the location of zippers and buttons sewn into them.

I also have a couple of onesies that I bought for just a dollar or two at Gymboree. These are for older children size 18-24 months and I can tell you as a parent of a very active, fifteen month old these are almost impossible to button. There is no way I’m even going to attempt to dress my son in them a few months from now. They are super cute, but certainly not worth the effort.

I’m considering taking all of these items to a consignment store that is very close to my parents house. I visit my folks every week or so, (my dad is currently recovering from surgery), and I figure since I literally pass it on my north I don’t have too much to lose.

I sold sports equipment to a consignment store a few months ago. They provided three options for payment. First, wait until the item sells. Second, take cash immediately. Third, take store credit which is usually a few dollars more than the cash option. I’ve always taken the cash option, because the store is not conveniently located and because the items I’ve sold have not been worth a lot of money.

A few people have told me to try selling items on craigslist, but I really don’t want to deal with the hassle of meeting people at various times of the day and I don’t want people to come to my home. Before my son was born I sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist, but now I have less time and more concerns about doing so.

I’ve already boxed up a number of things for the donation center and provided another couple of bags to friends who recently had children. I am also keeping most of my son’s items, (in case we decide to have another child), but there are definitely a number of new or almost new items I can part with.

I was wondering if anyone has sold clothes and accessories to a children’s store before. Can you provide any advice based on your experience?

February 10, 2013 at 5:24 PM 1 comment

How I Sell Books Online

After writing about my 2012 online income I received a question about selling books and thought I’d write a quick post to answer it. Last year I earned just under $125 selling books to book buying companies. (The numbers in my original post were slightly off.) I also earned an additional $24 selling books on eBay.

I sold a total of 35 books, which resulted in a piddly average of $4.25 earned per book. In actuality I sold some for over $10 and one for as little as $2.16.

I received the majority of books directly from publishers. They send me a book and I write an honest review of it. It’s a win-win situation, publishers receive additional press and I receive free books to read. I also won a couple of books in online blog contests and received some as gifts from friends and family.

Okay, so now you know that I didn’t pay for any of these books. They come free in one form or another and I typically sell them to book buying websites. I prefer these sites to Amazon and for two reasons. First, I can ship the books without waiting for someone to buy them. I know this may sound like a silly reason, but my husband and I travel back and forth to North Carolina quite a bit. I don’t want an item to sell while I’m away and unable to ship it. Second, after I subtract the fees from many of these sites my net result is similar to the amount of money I would have earned through direct sales.

I believe and both charge 15% for online book sales and eBay charges at least 9%. Add to that the fees deducted from PayPal payments and it’s usually only a dollar or two difference between selling directly and shipping all my books off at once to a book-buying service. Amazon discounts books a lot these days so in general I find books selling for less and less in the secondary market.

There are a ton of book-buying sites out there, so I use to figure out which sites will pay me the most money. Simply enter the ISBN of one of your books and it will scour 44 sites to find the best price. Last year I sold primarily to four sites including BookJingle, SellBackYourBook, Cash4Books and TextBooksRUs. Most sites will match prices, but for the most part I find that during any particular point in time one site will offer higher prices on almost all of the books I’m trying to sell.

I’ve been selling books like this for years and I’ve encountered a problem one time. I once sold a large box of books to Powell’s and did not receive payment for one of the books I shipped. Powell’s doesn’t pay much for books, but it does take a lot of novels that other sites don’t seem particularly interested in.

All in all selling books earned me an easy $150 last year. I may have been able to earn even more by selling directly via or Amazon, but it certainly wouldn’t have been as easy.

What do you think? Do you sell your books online and if so where do you typically list them?

February 5, 2013 at 1:54 PM 7 comments

Earning Money From Online Surveys

Last year I earned nearly $475 for completing online surveys. Since I only earn a few dollars here and there I was rather surprised by the total. I received a few comments asking about legitimate survey sites so without further ado here is a list of the sites I currently use.

  • e-Rewards: Unfortunately you must receive an invitation to join e-rewards and I’m not sure how I received my invitation. It is by far one of my favorite survey sites. The survey pay outs are quite high and I earn a $25 Macy’s gift card from them every quarter along with points to Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program. You can also earn rewards for magazines, and a whole host of other airline reward programs. Their customer service team is also extremely responsive.
  • Pinecone Research: This is my absolute favorite survey site. Unfortunately they are not currently accepting new applicants. They used to pay $3 for every survey completed, but now they offer points which can either be cashed out or saved to spend on merchandise.
  • MyPoints: This site rewards you for reading emails and taking surveys. If you sign up definitely use a separate account so you aren’t inundated by unwanted emails. It can take a very long time to accumulate points through this site, but if you don’t mind clicking on emails and taking occasional surveys then this might be the site for you. If you’d like a referral just leave a comment below and I’ll email one to you.
  • JD Power Panel: I’m not too fond of this survey site. I often complete more than 50 to 75% of a survey before being told I don’t qualify for it. A few times I’ve completed the entire survey, but have not been properly credited. The customer service team is no help in these situations. They will offer you 10 cents which is the rate they provide if you do not qualify. I have been burned enough times by this site that I only complete surveys with high values. Also, it takes an extremely long time to receive payouts. You have to wait until you earn $25 to receive a payout and sometimes it takes a month from the time it is requested. Having said all that I did earn $125 from them last year.
  • Swagbucks: This is another popular survey site. You can also receive rewards for other tasks like searching the web.

I also earn money from three discussion panels. Unfortunately these are also by invitation only. I believe I was forwarded on to these sites by e-rewards. (Another reason I love that site.) A few times a month they send out a few questions to members. If you reply promptly you will receive payment in the form of Amazon gift cards or cash depending on the panel. I typically earn between $25 and $35 a month from these and fill out less than 4 surveys during that time. (I actually forgot to add the Amazon gift cards into the tally from completing online surveys. Those cards would add another $100 to my yearly total.)

I will mention that survey sites are not for everyone. Some people find them quite tedious and uninteresting. You may want to sign up for one and see if it’s worth your time. If not, you can always remove your email from their mailing list. I do encourage you to set up a separate email for these sites. While I’ve never encountered SPAM from any of these sites it is certainly possible that your information could be shared.

*Note: This post contains referral links.

February 3, 2013 at 12:08 PM 7 comments

Tallies from 2012: How Much Money Did My Blog Earn?

Every year I intend to tally up the amount of money I earn from online endeavors including, but not limited to, blogging. Usually I lose track of just how much I earned and lost and this year is no exception. I’m sure I’m missing a few figures here and there but overall I think it’s within a few hundred dollars of the actual number.

Amazon Sales $28.68
Selling Used Books $101.07
Goods Received $140.00
Giveaways $149.00
Surveys $474.00
eBay Sales $641.73
Writing Contests $750.00
Advertising $1,957.25
TOTAL: $4,241.75


As you can see I made the most money through advertising. This included tweets, links on Facebook, sponsored posts and simple sidebar advertisements. Averaged out over a twelve month period I earned roughly $160 each month, though in reality most of my advertising revenue was generated in a three month period. $160 is a pretty pitiful amount of money, (certainly not enough to quit one’s day job), but I should note that I do not write this blog as a means to make money. In fact, I turn down quite a few requests for sponsored posts each month, because I don’t like the advertisement or I’m unwilling to clutter my blog for the small amount of money advertisers are willing to pay me.

In looking over the numbers I was most surprised by the amount of money I earned from completing online surveys. I typically fill these out early in the morning or late at night after my son’s in bed. They only take a few minutes and typically pay just a few dollars each. I’m also a member of a couple of online communities whose pay rates vary based on level of participation.

Amazon sales is also an interesting category. This money was earned in the last two weeks of December off of links included in one particular post. I ended up adding links on a whim. I wrote the post years ago, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to cash in on it’s popularity.

I’m most proud of the $750 worth of cash and prizes I won through two online writing contests. Neither contest included a huge number of entries, but it still feels good to win a prize based on skill and ability. Of course, I don’t mind the $150 worth of prizes I won by entering simple online contests either. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a little easy money.

January 26, 2013 at 5:01 PM 14 comments

So Disappointed

Every once in awhile I clean out the house and find a couple of items that I might just be able to sell. I typically search eBay for similar items and then determine whether or not it’s worth my time to list them.

We have less and less clutter these days but I’ve had good luck selling items like video games and high-end clothing in the past. My rule is that an item has to sell for at least $10 to make it worth my time and energy, otherwise PayPal and eBay fees eat away any decent form of profit.

Two weeks ago I placed watches on items similar to the ones I intended to sell and noticed that the video games were selling for close to $15 each. I also planned to sell a high-end baby gift that was out of season for my little tyke. That one item was selling in new condition for roughly $35.

Well I priced my items low and waited to see what would happen. I kept watch over similar items and watched their prices go higher and higher, but unfortunately this week the cards didn’t play out in my favor.

I’m not sure why. My auctions had good pictures and details. I typically run auctions from Saturday to Saturday, but this time they all ended on a Sunday evening. Perhaps less people bid on eBay auctions on Sunday evenings, since they are going to bed early and preparing for the week of work that lies ahead.

I’m not sure what happened. At the end of the day my baby item sold for $23, which was $12 less than comparable auctions and my video games sold for $7 each, which was less than half of what I expected.

It’s certainly not the end of the world, but it is a bit frustrating. Add to that the fact that one of the items was too big to drop in a postal slot, so I had to wait on line at the post office just to hand over a box with prepaid postage. I would’ve left it outside for the mailman, but I hate giving him extra stuff to carry as he delivers our neighbor’s mail.

If I attempt eBay at any point in the future I’m going to choose a different end date for my auctions and only provide UPS postage options. It might be more expensive but I despise the post office!

March 19, 2012 at 10:40 PM 5 comments

Adding More Advertisements to My Blog

I started One Frugal Girl as a simple means to document my relationship with money. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly six years since I wrote my first post! I am grateful to everyone who leaves comments or sends me emails. I’ve grown to know a number of bloggers and commenters personally. One or two have even rented my beach house in North Carolina.

Since this blog was never about anything other than telling my story I’ve never tried to make much money from writing it. However, now that I want to stay home with my son I’m thinking more and more about permitting additional advertisements on the sidebar.

Any money that I earn would be thrown towards our health insurance. Even a few hundred a month would make a dent in the overall bill.

I must admit that I rarely notice the advertisements on the blogs I read, but a very messy blog inundated with ads is a real turnoff for me.

What do you think about blogs with a lot advertisements? Do they make you less likely to read them? Would you still read One Frugal Girl if I added them?

January 20, 2012 at 4:45 AM 9 comments

Searching for Alternative Forms of Income

Since I decided to test the waters as a stay-at-home I thought it would be wise to investigate the money making opportunities that might be available from the comforts of my very own home. In an ideal world I would love to contribute to the family income while still spending the majority of my daytime hours with the little-one-to-be.

To be honest I can’t imagine a world in which I won’t bring home a paycheck every two weeks. I’ve been working since I turned fifteen, (since nine if you count babysitting), so the idea of not bringing in any income is a foreign concept to me.

In an effort to merge the best of both worlds I started investigating a number of career options that might provide me with the ability to work primarily from home. I’ve considered a plethora of ideas including working in real estate, technical recruiting or simply writing software from home. My concerns range from wondering if the income with be steady, will it take away from my family if I am living in my workplace, and how do I file taxes if I am self employed?. Since some of these options may require additional training or certification I’ve also thought of taking a more direct look at alternative sources of income.

Some ideas are certainly easier to implement than others. I can try to increase advertising revenue for my blog, write an eBook or consider direct sales. My mom sold Tupperware in the 80s and I’ve known many friends and coworkers in recent years who have worked for companies like Pampered Chef, Avon and Southern Living.

A couple of my favorite blogs recently hosted giveaways from a site called NOVICA. As an entry into one of the contests I had to search around the site for items I might be interested in purchasing. While I was poking around I noticed they recently started a home party division for those interested in direct sales and I started researching the costs associated with starting a small home based business like this one.

According to the website NOVICA works with National Geographic to give talented artisans around the world a place to express their talents and provide access to the world market. They sell a range of items including women’s accessories, men’s accessories, cufflinks, jewelry and home decor.That seems like an interesting niche for a direct sales company. Many of the others focus exclusively on makeup or jewelry.

I know people who have had amazing success with direct sales and some who haven’t had any success at all. I’m not sure if I’ll pursue this, but I am definitely interested in investigating my options and deciding whether or not it might be the right fit for me.

What are your thoughts on direct sales? Have you ever tried this line of work and if so did you have any success with it? I’d love to hear your suggestions and recommendations.

On one hand I’d love to earn some extra income. On the other hand I’m the type of girl who typically recommends saving not spending money, so I’m not sure how this would fit with my particular personality.

August 3, 2011 at 3:55 AM 7 comments

Earning a Little Amazon Cash

I’m a big fan of the Amazon trade-in program. I came across the program while searching for a place to sell unwanted DVDs. While I know I can go through the hassle of listing each DVD individually on eBay I decided I’d rather not go to all that trouble.

Instead I searched for the various DVD titles on and added any that Amazon was willing to buy to my trade-in cart. Just a few minutes later I printed the shipping list and label and sealed the books and movies in a previously used envelope, which I’ll drop off at UPS tomorrow.

All told I’ll earn over $25 in Amazon gift cards. I had no problem selling the books and DVDs. I don’t plan to watch or read any of them again, so it seemed like a no-brainer to ship them off to a place that will give me credit towards something else.

Now to decide what to buy…

May 10, 2011 at 3:20 AM 1 comment

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