Understanding the Nature of Receivable Financing

When you are a small business owner, you constantly look for ways to expand your business and curb the cash flow shortages. This is when receivable financing comes into the picture. Small business owners consider this type of financing more than the traditional and mainstream business financing because it is within easy reach.

To understand it more, here are some things that you need to know about receivable financing:

How does it work?
Basically, receivable financing is a way for small business owners to advance cash based on the amounts due from their clients. The businesses will pay a percentage of the invoice value to Qupital as a fee for advancing cash.

What are the types of receivables financing?
You have to know that there are two types of receivables financing available for small businesses. Types include:
• Factoring: this refers to a business selling its receivables to a third party in exchange

for funds; the risk will be transferred to the company.
• Invoice discounting: this refers to a loan taken out from invoice assets; this will allow

the business to borrow funds against other owed funds.

What is the process behind factoring?
If you consider factoring, rather than waiting for payment from clients, you choose to sell to invoice to a factoring company. The company will then buy the invoice and remits a percentage of its total to you. They will keep the balance on reserve. The balance will be returned to you after the factoring company collects the payment in full.

How does factoring help you?
Many small businesses are afraid of considering factoring services because of the stigma attached to it. There are actually many benefits of engaging your business in a factoring service. Here’s how it can help your business:
• It eliminates bad debt: remember that the risk will be transferred to the company.

This means that the factoring company will assume the risk of bad debt thereby eliminating if not decreasing this expense from your income statement.
• Unlimited capital potential: factoring is the only source of financing that can grow together with your sales. If you have increased sales, there will be more cash available for you to use. At the end of the day, it will allow you to meet business demand.
• No debt acquired: keep in mind that factoring is not a loan. With this, you are not acquiring debt. This will keep your balance sheet in good shape. As a result, it will be easy to obtain other financing services or even to sell the company.
• It is easy and fast: not all people know that factoring is easy and fast. The application is simpler than expected. On top of that, there will be no need for tax returns and financial statements.

In this tough time, you should do your best to find the right alternative financing if you want your business not only to survive but also to thrive.

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4 Kinds of Unexpected Financial Emergencies You May Encounter in Life and How to Deal with Them

Unexpected financial emergencies are inevitable and you might face it at some point. And this can be even worse if you do not have an escape route, perhaps financial. The crisis can put a huge dent in your personal finance, forcing you to compromise spending for the necessities. Having the knowledge of the most common unexpected financial emergencies and how to deal with them will help you become prepared and not to be caught off guard. Read on to get informed of the most common crises and effective ways to deal with such.

  1. Job insecurity

Job security has never been 100 percent reliable with the current economy where there are not enough jobs to keep up with the ever-growing population. No matter how promising or big the company is, you could easily be laid off any time. Especially if you’re working at a private company or organization. And you will be left stranded, unable to pay for food, rent, and basic utilities. What should you do? You will need a quick loan to help cater for your needs. You can visit PrettyPenny.co.nz today to learn about the easy application and fast approval of loans.

  1. Natural calamities

The climate has changed and it keeps changing, and natural disasters are on the rise. No human can control them, you included. Calamities such as the tornado, landslides, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes can cause massive destruction of property, injuries and even deaths. But how can you deal with effects of such calamities? Ensure to obtain house and property insurance covers. Also, have adequate life insurance covers for the whole family if you’re married and have children.

  1. Health crisis

You could be having no health issues today and feel no need of taking a health insurance policy. But, just like car and other common accidents, a medical crisis could happen anytime and at any place. And without health insurance, you will be faced with a huge financial burden. Perhaps, you need not be reminded of the sky-rocketing health care costs. You can easily become bankrupt yet you can prevent such financial problem from happening to you. Regardless of your current health status, make an effort of insuring yourself under a health insurance.

  1. Accidents

Accidents can happen unexpectedly in all shapes and sizes, and the outcome could be catastrophic. You, or a family member can sustain serious injuries and complications that require special medical attention. And this will strain you financially, especially if you had not insured yourself and your car under health and auto insurance. Am sure you won’t like regretting why you didn’t take insurance covers when you had the chance. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be prepared now by insuring against health issues and car accidents.


Despite knowing the possible financial emergencies and being ready for them, panicking in the face of adversity could lead you to make unwise decisions. Decisions that could have a lasting effect on your personal finance. So, should you face any of these or other financial crises, do not panic. You need to relax and think rationally about the best way to deal with the crisis.

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Why is Atlanta the Best Place to Base Your Company?

Affordable housing, convenient transportation, and plentiful resources make Atlanta the best place to do business.

Credit: Getty Images

Atlanta has become a booming town for start-ups, tech groups, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies, largely in part for how easy it is to start and maintain a business. Support from the city in the way of convenient transportation, low cost of living, and access to a smart labor pool all contribute to the 15 reasons why Atlanta is a great place to do business:

1)     Affordable housing

Credit: Fast Company

It’s no secret that launching a business requires time, resources, and a ton of capital and dedication leaving little time for anything else. Therefore, low cost of living in a city can really help start-ups and those getting their feet off the ground. Many people have noticed that living in a big city like Atlanta is relatively less expensive than other biggies and meets the requirements of what they’re trying to do (especially considering there are many free classes for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies).

2)     Access to a highly skilled labor pool

The crazy amount of quality colleges and universities in the Atlanta area creates a hungry pool of well-educated graduates eager to gain experience and contribute their new fresh ideas. Matched with exciting businesses and industries always looking for interns, Atlanta welcomes all sorts of hard-working people who can bring specialized experience.

3)     Atlanta offers companies incentives to relocate

Not that long ago, the city began offering incentives in the form of tax credits, loans, bonds, and grants to prompt businesses to establish roots in the Peach State. Now a few years later, those startups have become thriving businesses thanks to Georgia’s support.

4)     A robust array of industries

According to Inc., Atlanta has is the third largest hotbed in America for Fortune 500 companies from movies and TV show productions (like Captain America, X-Men Apocalypse and The Walking Dead) to health care marketing and tech hubs such as Pandora, MailChimp, Athena Health, and Cardinal. If you are looking to get into a specific industry, you can probably find it here.

5)     Top-notch health care

Atlanta hosts some of the biggest most comprehensive health care systems in the nation, including Emory University Hospital (serving the city for 100 years offering a broad range of services from orthopedics to neurological health), VITAS Healthcare for long-term hospice assistance, and more. It looks like Atlanta is always hiring, too…as of September 27, 2018 there were 2,695 healthcare jobs listed on Monster.

6)     Optimistic and future-focused

Atlanta proved that they were ahead of the curve by working closely with AT&T and the Georgia Institute of Technology to support infrastructure and manage traffic by integrating smart tech innovations into the city, thus creating a better quality of life for its residents.

7)     A great airport

If you are a frequent US flyer, then you’ve probably been in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at one time or another. And if so, do you remember your experience there? In 2015, the Air Transport Research Society stated that more than 250,000 passengers travel through ATL a day and despite the constant hustle and bustle, it still remains the most efficient airport in the world.

8)     It’s where all the millennials are going

Money.com released a stat that Atlanta is home to 1.4 million millennials and that number continues to rise. With some of the best sports venues, award-winning restaurants and lower prices of food, housing, clothing, and gas matched with a booming job market, it makes sense why younger folks would want to settle in a place that’s fun and affordable.

9)     Which means there’s a strong budding entrepreneur/start-up scene

Not only is there access to top universities, key leaders, and a booming population of consumers, Atlanta has more than 120,000 B2B start-ups and is known as a thriving tech hub due to the emergence of communal co-working spaces. That means a lot of smart, creative people coming up with innovations that make people’s lives better.

10)  There are great universities around

Top-notch educational institutions in Atlanta including Emory University, Georgia State University, and Georgia Tech are recruiting the best and the brightest minds who then go onto graduate and make a difference in their community.

11)  It’s easy to get around (convenient transportation)

Credit: GAFollowers

The Hartsfield-Jackson International airport is a favorite amongst local business travelers and has been called on of the most efficient plane hubs in the US. However, Atlanta also has a secret weapon- the MARTA railway and bus system which is a popular way to get around for tech employees.

12)  Proximity to key leaders

Not only is Coca-Cola, Porsche, and The Home Depot headquartered here, but key influencers are also starting companies that you could have an opportunity to be a part of. Take for instance Sharecare…started by Jeff Arnold who also founded the biggest health care website ever (you may have heard of Web MD?)- It’s almost a sure bet that Sharecare will blow minds in improved health care access.

13)  Diversity

Atlanta’s exponential population growth and change in identity over recent years also breeds diversity which tends to happen when you have people coming from all different backgrounds and cultures to contribute their ideas. Georgia Tech is considered one of the original start-up incubators in the country – it’s aided more than 130 thriving businesses in their launches.

14)  Plentiful networking opportunities

Just like New York City, we would go as far to say that Atlanta is the next “city that never sleeps”. With its abundance of everything you could ever want and/or need and always something to do/somewhere to go, people have a huge advantage in meeting their personal and professional soulmates. Groups such as GAFollowers are always posting cool events and Hypepotatmus is a local LinkedIn for start-ups.

15)  Angel investors

Ever since equity crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe became legal in Atlanta, investors can easily meet up with entrepreneurs who are creating products and services that they are passionate about. With groups like Angel Atlanta kicking down money to support early-stage businesses, capital in the city is at an all-time high.

Are you ready to move your health care business to Atlanta? Cardinal can help with all of your health care marketing needs. Call us today!

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Craft Businesses That Make Money

A lot of people want to earn a bit of extra cash. If your day job is just for paying the bills, then you need a sideline to spend for your interests, hobbies, and the like.

After all, making ends meet from paycheck to paycheck is just you surviving but not truly living. You need the additional rewards only a moonlighter can earn.

And what’s one hobby that’s easy to do and is worthwhile enough to earn a profit? Crafting. Yes, a crafting hobby can be a good business, especially if it involves any of these examples. 

Wedding Crafting and Decorating


The wedding industry is a huge market. Its typical demographics are directly proportional to the global population. There is never a shortage of people getting married, so wedding designers enjoy a ceaseless demand and, therefore, a never-ending cashflow.

It also helps that every service or product labeled with the word weddingin front automatically increases their value. Creating pocket wedding invites, for example, can sell for more than invitations for other occasions do.

If you have the eye for embellishment, employ your skills to weddings. Don’t worry if there are already hundreds of big wedding businesses established. Even people who want a budget wedding (and so avoid those corporate designers) can be a niche in themselves, with small-time crafters thriving on their frugality.

Today, such frugal couples-to-be are becoming more common. Millennials want more charm than pizzazz, novelty over a gaudy display of wealth, realizing that it’s wiser to save money for the actual married life rather than just for the ceremony.

Buy wholesale craft suppliesso you can save money from bulk discounts and create cute and unique wedding favors, decors, and so on.

Phone Case Designing

Almost everyone owns a mobile. Some even have two or more, and for a significant number of them, teens and young adults especially, their phones have become an extension of their body, their identity.

Such people are always on the market for accessories. Items like phone cases, for example, add personality to one’s device. With them, phones become more than just a gadget. They turn into a badge of character, your statement to the world as to who you are.

So if you’re creative enough to design stock casesand turn them into something unique, you can potentially earn a steady income. You can even put up a social media account (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, etc.), publish your works there, and get commissions and special order requests.

Even better, if you know how to make interest-specific designs, then you can benefit from niche markets, geeks, for example. Draw fantasy, superhero, or video game art on a phone case and put up a booth in a geek convention like Comic-Con. You’ll make a lot of kids happy and also fill your pockets with a nice number of Lincolns at the same time.

Car Art Doodling and Scribbling

This one originated in Taiwan then spread to other countriesaround the world. It’s an extremely niche business because not many have this kind of talent.

Besides, who would want doodles on their cars in the first place?

Try owners of luxury and sports vehicles. Those people who want to stand out in the streets rather than blend in with the traffic of commoners. They typically have plenty of money to spare for a new look, and the more unorthodox your designs are, the more interest you can attract.

Are you skilled enough to elevate a Lambo from being an already-impressive toy to a rolling, out-of-this-world masterpiece? It’s a high-risk, high-reward venture because, if you botch a job, expect your clients to shred you like a mother bear protecting her baby.

However, you do have other less-risky alternatives to this kind of business.

John Oliver from Brunswick, Ohio, paints calligraphy ads on carsthat are for sale. He usually takes about 30 seconds to finish one sign and earns $75 per car. He can do around 400 cars a day. Do the math. How much money does he make every day?

Anything Else?

Well, these are just some examples of crafting hobbies that can be lucrative. Since crafting is an umbrella term for a number of various skills, there may be other opportunities for those passionate in their hobby.

If you can find a demand for your creations, then you can be sure that you can potentially make money from it. So be on the lookout for the new trends. Who knows? Maybe your specific skill set will become relevant and lucrative someday!

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Planning a Birthday with Paperless Post

When it comes to parenting sometimes time moves fast and other times it moves so incredibly slow. As a stay-at-home mom the minutes and hours of some days seem to crawl, but when I look back over my time as a parent I must admit that the years sped by. My eldest is turning seven this year and as I look into his face I can no longer see any remnant of the chubby little baby face that I spent so many sleepless nights staring into.

That baby has grown into a long and lanky first grader. My son defies the stereotype of boys who run around in circles filled with abundant and uncontrollable energy. He is calm, gentle, mild-mannered, patient, positive and kind. He is the kind of kid every parent wants to invite over for a playdate, because they know he will follow the rules and stay out of trouble.

This year my son wants to design his own birthday party. The first step in planning: create a party invitation that provides the necessary details for the big day. This year we chose to design invitations using Paperless Post. There are hundreds of fun designs for kids events and my son loved searching through the colorful images for a personalized birthday party invitation that would make his friends, (and their parents), take notice.

Once you finalize your guest list simply add the email addresses of everyone you want to include. Paperless Post will store these addresses for future use, which means you only have to type them into the website once. If my son invites the same set of friends next year it will be easy to generate a new invitation and send it out.

Your guests will receive a cute little email that directs them to a personalized envelope. When they click on the envelope the chosen card will be revealed. As the host of the event you can easily keep track of the number of guests, RSVPs and even whether or not a guest viewed your invitation. All of that stuff is extremely helpful when planning a party.

Of course, Paperless Post isn’t just for birthday parties. You can find invitations for baby showers, birthdays, special events and even weddings! Digital invitations weren’t popular when I got married nearly fifteen years ago, but if I was getting married in the year 2018 you can bet your bottom dollar I would send out invitations through Paperless Post!

Have you tried Paperless Post?

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Fundamentals For Novice Traders

Trading is defined as the participation in financial markets with the aim of benefiting from short-term moves and fluctuations in these markets to drive profits. In contrast to traditional buy-and-hold investing, trading is generally focused on real-time stock movements. Traders anticipate markets rising and falling, and buy and sell within hours, minutes and even seconds to profit from it. This is in contrast to traditional investors, who adopt a broader, long-term outlook.

Trading styles

The task of becoming a successful trader can be daunting, so it is important to learn a few fundamentals and have a robust strategy in place. Trading is skewed towards short-term gains, but traders do not have to close within a single day. It is also possible to hold onto securities and positions for weeks and months at a time. These time frames will help you to understand the tools you have at your disposal. There are four primary trading styles:

  • “Scalp trading” is the most active form of day trading as positions are generally only held for minutes and seconds. This form of trading is underscored by the belief that small moves in the market are easier to track than larger ones. Traders can make hundreds of trades during a session, so precision timing is required. It is a risky format as small gains can be wiped out by just one or two poor moves.
  • Day trading” is a style where traders operate “within the day” – hence the term “intraday”. Traders enter and exit trades on a single day and close them before the final bell. The fact that positions are not held overnight reduces out-of-hours risk factors. Day traders also trade with margin to maximize leverage.
  • “Swing trading” is a longer form of trading where positions last days or weeks. Traders use technical analysis and price action to benefit from short-term moves. There is less focus on fundamentals.
  • “Position trading” is the style that closely resembles traditional investing. Positions can be held for years.

Leverage and margin

Margin and leverage are two important concepts for traders to get to grips with. Buying on margin is using a broker to borrow money for stock purchases. It is similar to a normal loan. Marginable securities act as collateral when buying on margin, and interest also has to be paid, though this is not as much of an issue when pursuing short-term styles such as scalping. The longer an investment is held, the greater the return required to make a profit.

Margin feeds into leverage as the former is used to create leverage. An approved account is needed to use margin, and leverage is defined as the buying power available to account holders. More leverage allows an investor to pay less than expected for a trade.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a central pillar in the trading process. It is a method of evaluation. Traders take an in-depth look at a security or company to determine its performance and intrinsic value. There are a range of factors that should be examined during the process, including financial and economic, and quantitative and qualitative.

All of this will help a trader to decide whether a security is undervalued or overvalued. Comparing this analysis with the current price supports better decision-making. Weak securities are best suited to short bets, while strong companies are ideal for long bets. A stock feed can underpin fundamental analysis. Novice traders should always use up-to-date and relevant news, information, statements and reports.

Quantitative and qualitative

Fundamentals is a term that is difficult to define, but they are typically made up of two distinct categories: quantitative and qualitative. How do these categories differ?

  • Financial statements are the primary source of quantitative analysis. Making sense of numbers can be a huge boon for traders. These statements include balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements.
  • A balance sheet provides a unique snapshot of a company’s status as it lists equity, liabilities and assets.
  • An income statement provides information about the financial performance of a company, balancing revenues and expenses and showing profits and losses for a particular period.
  • A cash flow statement is a quarterly or fiscal year overview of the cash that flows in and out of a company. Activities include operating cash flow (OCF), cash from investing (CFI) and cash from financing (CFF).
  • Quantitative analysis focuses on less tangible factors such as a company’s brand power or management style.

As evidenced by the previous section, the world of trading is anchored by vast amounts of information and data, so traders need to learn how to use charts to keep track of everything and make smart choices. Traders should also know how to limit risk, automate strategies, and keep on top of taxes and record-keeping.

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Guide To Buying The Right Car Insurance In The UK

Buying and using a vehicle can make commuting, traveling easier and it also liberates you from the compulsion of using public transport. However, it is also necessary that you safeguard the vehicle bought from mishaps and theft by opting for car insurance. Choosing car insurance in the UK is seldom easy. There are so many entities offering car insurance plans and buyers get baffled.

Easing the process of car insurance selection

Whether you have bought a sedan or a luxury SUV, choosing the insurance for the vehicle should not make you jittery! You can simplify the process by opting for services of online insurance comparison and quote service providers. In these sites, you can check out the various vehicle insurance policies and assess and compare them properly. You may check out Money Expert’s car insurance comparison service in this regard.

Various types of car insurance coverage

Not all vehicle insurance policies offer same level of protection. The plans can be segregated into 3 types:

  • Third-party only-It is the basic coverage and covers damages when you collide with vehicle of another person or damage his/her property. However, it does not pay cost for repairing your vehicle.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft- This type of insurance covers you from third-party related costs and also safeguards from mishaps like theft and fire. It also covers damages caused by theft attempts.
  • Comprehensive- This is the costliest car insurance plan type but it covers the vehicle from all sorts of damages and mishaps.

How to obtain the best car insurance quote online

To ensure you can find the best quote for vehicle insurance online, you need to provide details of the vehicle and personal information. These include:

  • Personal details like age, occupation and the driver’s license.
  • Vehicle Information like model and details including number plate.
  • Claim history for the last 5 years.

How to assess online vehicle insurance comparison and quote providers

You should check a few aspects when seeking service of web based vehicle insurance comparison service providers. First of all, you need to see if the service is being provided free or not. You also need to check the number of insurance companies covered by the online comparison agency.

Tips to obtain car insurance quotes that do not bleed your wallets

If you are not careful, you may have to pay more to get the vehicle insured. Utilize the following tips to obtain wallet friendly vehicle insurance quotes online:

  • You need to pay less to get the car insured when it has proper safety measures embedded. Safety measures like theft alarms and digital locks ensure you pay less amount of money in vehicle insurance.
  • Installing telematics device in the car may help you get lower quotes.
  • You have to pay less in car insurance if you pay annually.

There are a few factors that can impact online car insurance quotes. These include age, type of vehicle bought, gender of the applicant, medical conditions etc. Nevertheless, you can get the right quote by using Money Expert’s car insurance comparison service.

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The September Swago Board is here!

The digital rewards site Swagbucks is offering big payouts during on their September Swago Board, which runs from September 10th through September 17th at 9am PT! Swago is just like bingo, but in this case you’re filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing things you already do online. If you’re thinking of trying Swagbucks, this is a great chance to learn all about how the site works and earn bonus points while doing it, meaning you can get more gift cards faster. Here are a few tips:

  • Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete. They can be anything from getting a search win, completing a survey, or just visiting one of our popular stores!
  • Once you complete the action item in a particular square the square will change color signifying the action item is complete.
  • You have until 12pm PT/3pm ET on Monday, September 17th to mark off as many squares as possible so use your time wisely.
  • Be mindful of the patterns and their corresponding bonuses located on the right of your Swago Board. The patterns will vary in difficulty and bonus value. Once you’ve achieved a pattern, the corresponding “Submit” button will light up. You can have multiple patterns available for submission, however, you can only submit ONE pattern so choose wisely.
  • Each activity you successfully complete on your Swago Board will give you anywhere from 1-20 spins on the Spin & Win Wheel. PLUS, when you submit your board for a bonus you’ll get additional spins. The number of spins will depend on the pattern you complete. The wheel has all sorts of great prizes that you can win, and each spin is a winner!

The Spin & Win Wheel will be available all throughout Swago and you have until 11:59pm PT on Monday, September 17th to use all your spins.

Fill up your board and then submit your pattern to get even more points – if you can fill in the whole board, you get a 500 SB bonus, which is enough for a $5 gift card from the retailer of your choice.

Click here right now and click “Join” to get started! If you don’t already have a Swagbucks account, you’ll be able to quickly sign up; PLUS, if you earn 300 SB before the first of October, you’ll get a bonus 300 SB!

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Get 300 bonus SB when you sign up for Swagbucks in September

All throughout September you can earn large bonuses when sign up as my referral on Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you’re probably doing online already, like searching the web, watching videos, shopping, discovering deals, and taking surveys. Then you take those points and exchange them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, or PayPal cash.

When you sign up through me this month, you can earn a 300 SB bonus! Here’s how:

1. Sign up using this link

2. Earn 300 SB total before October 1st, 2018. You’ll get a 300 SB bonus for it!

3. That’s it. It’s super easy, and Swagbucks is for real. I cash out for PayPal almost every month. That’s $25 that I can use for anything I need or want.

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Become a Business Owner

Stop tossing around the idea of owning a business and take the leap. This is the year that success and fortune await those who aren’t afraid to make moves.  Why put it off another year when today is the best of your life? Men and women of all ages and educational backgrounds make great business owners. Your desire to succeed -and the willingness to make efforts to get that – are more important than anything. If you’re ready to take the step toward success and business ownership, don’t wait any longer.

Gain Independence as a Business Owner

More than 600,000 new businesses open every year.  Owners open these businesses for various reasons. Most cite the desire for independence and more control over their destiny as top reasons. And you do enjoy independance, control, and a plethora of extra benefits as a business owner. Business owners earn great money that goes into their bank account, not the  bosses. They call all the shots and ensure that business is good. And, it is easy to grow the company and expand operations. If you want to grow into a bigger better entity, it’s easy! Why make your boss rich when you can take the big chair and fill the position yourself?

Choosing a Business

Before you take the plunge, research the opportunities available for business owners. Understand your needs and desires for your business. Important questions to ask yourself include:

* What are my interests?

* What are my business goals?

* What are the start-up costs?

* What is the ROI?

* Online-only or brick-and-mortar location?

* Will you hire employees?

There are risks when you open a business, but that is what life is all about. If risks are never taken, you never know what could’ve been. That causes a pretty dull that likely leads to missing out on things that you should’ve experienced.   When you want to cut the risks that come when opening a business, a little research is all that you need. The Internet is always a click away. You’ll find an abundance of information about business opportunities on the web. Take advantage of the information and you’ll open your business with fewer risks.

Business Loans Offer Fast Cash

Starting a business requires money. Nothing in this world is free, especially when it is such a beneficial opportunity. Hopefully you have some of the money needed to start the business. The more money on-hand, the easier it is to get the business off the ground. Use a loan to supply the remaining amount. Personal and business loans are available. To apply for a business loan, you’ll need a business plan and a business identification number. The money you get from a loan can cover many different business expenses.

The Bottom Line

Many people dream of owning their own business. Are you one of these people? If so, it is time to take the necessary steps to become a business owner. Your hopes and dreams can come true but it is up to you to take the first step. What is holding you back from making moves?


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