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Can You Buy A Truck With Bad Credit?

Not many people understand how a poor credit rating affects them – until they try to make a major purchase. Much like wanting a drink of water after the well has run dry, if you are in the market for a new truck and you haven’t taken very good care of your credit history – or established a credit history at all – then you might be wondering if you can put yourself behind the wheel of a new truck before the New Year.

Financial forecasters are predicting that if you want to purchase or lease a new truck, the best time to do so is before the year ends. But for those who haven’t given their credit score much TLC, is it possible to buy a truck with bad credit while the December incentives are still in full swing? The answer is “maybe,” depending on what your credit score is and how much you have saved and are willing to put down.

How to take advantage of deals and incentives

If you want to take advantage of the trucks in Langley year-end deals being offered, then there are things that you can do to increase the likelihood that you can buy your dream truck. The first is to know what your credit rating is. The biggest mistake is to assume that if you don’t have any debt and haven’t used credit cards that you automatically have good credit. The sad reality is if you haven’t ever used a credit card and have always paid cash, you might have done yourself more harm than good.

Know your credit history

The hardest thing for a young person to accept is that if you didn’t need to borrow money, then you have put yourself into a “poor” credit history category. When it comes to financial institutional lending, they need to see your previous repayment habits in order to establish what they will be going forward. So, although you have been responsible and never needed to borrow money, you have also never proved that if you do get a loan that you will pay it back. It’s a catch-22: those who are responsible savers might get a hit on their credit score for doing so. So, before you head out to purchase a new truck, it is important to know what your credit rating is to know the amount you can borrow.

Figure out how much you can pay ahead of time

Secondly, make sure that you know what you can and should borrow limit-wise. If you set out to buy a new truck telling the dealership what you can pay per month, you are guaranteed to pay more for the truck over time than it is worth. Do your research and know the truck’s value instead of considering what you can afford monthly and then letting the overall price grow to accommodate what you want. Know what your limits are for buying a car – whether the lender will give you financing or not – or you will almost always end up paying more than you should.

Know what your trade-in is worth

If you have a trade-in, then make sure that you know what it is worth before you hit the dealership. It is nice to have a trade-in to use as a down payment. But do your research to know what you can get if you sell it privately to negotiate what the The Original Applewood Motors dealership will give you. If you just take the dealership’s word for what it is worth, then you will likely get a fraction of the cost and end up paying more than you have to to get the car you want.

Decide what is a “need” and what is a “want”

Don’t fall for gadgets and add-ons that you don’t need. Sure, an infotainment system and under-car lights sound awesome, but are they really necessary? Before you decide to finance the next couple of years of your life, determine what is a “need” and what is a “want,” so that you only get what you need and aren’t tempted into getting those things you don’t need but just sound cool.

If you don’t have awesome credit, there are almost always ways to get yourself behind the wheel of a new truck. But regardless of your credit history, you want to make smart decisions about your future and your truck purchase, so that you don’t dig yourself a bigger hole by taking out a loan that is more than you can handle, even if a finance company is willing to take a chance on you.

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Factors To Consider In Hiring The Best Security Company For Your Home

A home security system is an excellent addition to help you feel like your things and your family are safe. But to make sure that you aren’t getting a false sense of security, it is important to know which one is best and what to avoid when shopping around. Choosing the right security system can make the difference between being safe and sound or vulnerable, depending on who you choose to monitor and install your equipment. With so much riding on your choice, it is best to choose wisely by considering these things.

Beware if the company is offering “free” security equipment

Who doesn’t love something that’s “free”? But everyone knows you get what you pay for. If you have a Winnipeg security company who is offering you the equipment for free, they usually are the most expensive choice in the long run. Offering you free equipment is a great gimmick to get you to sign up for their service. Once you have signed on the dotted line, things get super pricey very fast. Companies that offer free stuff usually end up gouging you monthly with high monitoring fees or other types of additions that you don’t anticipate and that you will have to pay to customize things for your house.

Read the fine print

As anyone who has ever signed a contract knows, the fine print is where the most important things lie. Before you choose your security company and sign up for any system, make sure to read over anything you sign thoroughly to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Many security companies will lock you into extended contracts of up to three years or will offer you a cheap service to begin with, and the price will then continually climb over time. Extended contracts with heavy penalties for termination are a tactic that many security companies use to keep you on board. It makes it cheaper for the customer to continue paying a little extra every year than to pay an exorbitant amount to get out of their contract and move on to a different company.

Renting is not a good idea

If you are going to have a security system installed, don’t rent it – especially if you are renting your home. When you own the equipment, you can move it from one house to the next. If you rent the equipment, you are also limited on what type of brands and systems you can use, which might not always get you the one you want with the features that you are looking for. Also, if you pay for the system, you don’t lost the equity of owning if you want to switch companies. Renting is just a bad idea. Paying the cost upfront will always pay off in the end.

Also, rented security equipment usually costs you way more monthly. Not only are you paying for the security service, but you are paying a rental fee for the equipment that you don’t own. If you stop paying for the service, they will be knocking at your door collecting their things, which will leave you starting from scratch again.

Do your research

If you are guided by cost, don’t sacrifice your security by using the cheapest company. Before you hire anyone, make sure to do some research to see how good they are and what their clients have to say about them. A simple Google search is a good place to start. However, remember sometimes the reviews you read are nothing more than paid advertising. You might have to go a bit deeper to find out the truth about which companies are the best and will provide you with the highest level of security.

If you are going to invest in a security system to keep you and your family and belongings safe, make sure that you are getting the best equipment and service possible. Don’t be fooled by sales tactics, the fine print that you aren’t digging through, or getting a service that won’t be responsive when you need it to be. Price must be a concern, but using it as the major deciding factor will almost guarantee that you will be getting what you pay for – and not always in a good way.

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Restaurants to Check out While in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl

Whether you’re renting a hotel room or an Airbnb listing, there’s a good chance you’re going to need a few meals while you’re in Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52. Maybe you can whip up a great burger on your own, but you’re on vacation! It’s time to kick back and relax, including saving yourself the trouble of thinking about every meal of the day.

Don’t worry, Minneapolis has you taken care of. There are so many local gems that serve up anything and everything you can imagine. If you’re ready to try some unique local flavors, classic American favorites, or fine dining and drinks, here’s a list of some of your best options to try out while you’re in town for the Super Bowl!

8 Great Restaurants to Try in Minneapolis

  1. Erik the Red Bar

Located directly beside the US Bank Stadium, this bar is a great place to go for a meat-centric meal full of unique platters and a healthy selection of local and international drinks. It may be a bit crowded the day of the game, because of the restaurant’s location, but before game day it’s a great option for drinks and filling food.

  1. The Lowry

Part of a string of restaurants by local owners David Burley and Stephanie Shrimp, the Lowry is a delicious urban diner that gives you a great mix of comfort food, tasty local flavors, and strong drinks. If you’re in the mood for a great burger or a plate for oysters, this is a good option for you. It is located in the great Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis.

  1. Matts Bar

Although it’s debated by locals, Matt’s Bar is said to be the inventor of the delicious Juicy Lucy burger that packs a punch of melted cheese inside the burger patty itself. This yummy burger can be found at a few stops around Minneapolis, but you may as well go to the source if you want to try something new during your trip.

  1. George and the Dragon

Made in the style of a classic English pub, this restaurant is a lovely place to get a meal that feels like home. It’s got a very comfortable atmosphere that’s family-friendly and great for groups of travelers looking for warm meal and some fantastic local craft beers or refreshing ciders.

  1. Hi-Lo Diner

In search of some unique sweet and savory combination meals? Here’s a restaurant you won’t want to miss while you’re in Minneapolis! With local favorites like the braised Korean ribs and glazed donut plate, it’s easy to walk away from here with an empty plate and a full stomach. There are many simple snacks to eat and dash as well as full meal service throughout the day, so you can make it a brunch spot or stick around for a delicious dinner entrée.

  1. The Bachelor Famer

With a seasonal menu sourced from local, fresh ingredients, this is one restaurant that promises to give you a new twist to your meal time. Located in an old renovated brick and timber building, it has a rustic charm that’s hard to beat and a wonderfully accommodating menu packed full of tasteful new dishes every season. Some of the most popular menu features are the toast boards, which combine thick toasted bread with an array of carefully selected sauces and toppings.

  1. Dakota Jazz Club

This well renowned jazz club is worth a visit if you’re in town. Not only has it hosted a plethora of famous artists in its time, including the late Prince who used to frequent the restaurant, but it also boasts of incredible food prepared by well-known chefs from around the world. Innovative and very entertaining, this is a good stop for dinner and entertainment all in one if you’re in the mood for it.

  1. A. Frost and Company

If you’re on vacation for the super bowl, you may as well treat yourself to something special while you’re in town! One of the premier fine-dining restaurants in Minneapolis, this is a great choice if you want a special dining experience with some people you love, whether it’s your friends, family, or spouse. Make sure to get a reservation ahead of time to be certain you’ll get a seat.

You may not be able to stop everywhere while you’re in Minneapolis, but you may as well know a few of the best spots so you can check out as many as possible! Fuel yourself up with some great food to give you all the energy you’ll need for the big game.

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Promoting Good Teamwork at the Office

When it comes to a business’ work culture, there are many aspects that can be improved upon.It’s not just a matter of who is in the right and who is in the wrong – it’s being able to open up the discussion for a discourse that will allow the subject at hand to be handled in the best way possible. For this to happen, one must first promote a better environment for team effort in an office. Although that might sound like a difficult prospect, it can be as easy as incorporating a few – if not all – of the following ten things into your work environment.

  1. Good Leadership. To start off the process, one must first assign a good leader. A team will not function correctly if the person in charge is one that not everyone respects, so make sure to pick someone that will be able to set a standard that the rest of your employees will be willing to follow.
  2. Communication. Discourse is important. If you are not able to talk about certain subjects in a way that allows you to be able to get the opinion of the people involved in said subject, then you’re doing something wrong. Zero harm, for example, is a workplace practice method that aspires to be beyond “just enough” by using clear communication at all times. Consider setting up a way that will allow you to get a clear idea on the opinions of the people who are involved in the project that you are working on.
  3. Defining Responsibilities. The workplace is not the time, nor place to be deciding who needs to do what and where. This is something that needs to be established before any project is needing to be done. A better and more organized system of responsibilities will propel the quality of work your team is able to provide.
  4. Conflict Resolution. It’s normal for people to butt heads in a work environment. Different opinions result in passionate disagreements. It’s important that everyone’s voice is being heard, but make sure to fix the conflict in a reasonable way as soon as it starts to cut into your work time.
  5. Correct Information. As a connection to the communication aspect, it’s important that everyone has a clear idea on what needs to be done as well as the resources in which to accomplish the tasks that has been set out for them to do.
  6. Positivity. Once the going gets tough, the tough gets going. It’s always best to promote a certain amount of positivity in the workplace, nothing bogs work down more than negative thoughts.
  7. Variety. Although having a variety of different people with differing opinions, might seem like a scary prospect. If done correctly, doing so will open up different possibilities and keep your quality of work ever-improving.
  8. Rules. Rules are a given, acknowledging differences or not, and respect is one of the most important thing in a balanced team. This means that rules need to be established early on and implemented properly.
  9. Recognition. Recognizing the efforts of your team, individually or otherwise, is an easy way of inspiring the people of a given group to work harder.
  10. Celebrate. Sometimes good teamwork can be achieved with a simple party or activity that will allow everyone to talk and get to know each other outside of a professional setting.

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Swago: Holiday Shopping Edition Is Back!

The holidays are here and the online rewards site Swagbucks has a smart and fun way for you to earn and save while you spend.

Swagbucks is hosting another round of Shopping Swago! What is SWAGO you ask? It’s a bingo-inspired promotion run by Swagbucks, a website that rewards you with points (called SB) for completing everyday online activities. You can redeem those SB for free gift cards. If you’ve never used Swagbucks, participating in SWAGO is a great introduction to the site and an easy way to earn a good amount of points quickly.

Click here to get started!

Here’s what you need to know to get your 300 SB ($3) Bonus (and don’t worry, you don’t have to make a purchase to complete a pattern):

  • Shop Swago will begin on Monday, December 18th at 9am PT/12pm ET, make sure you hit “Join” otherwise you won’t get credit for completing the action items. Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete.
  • Once you complete the action item in a particular square the square will change color signifying the action item is complete.
  • You have a limited amount of time to mark off as many squares as possible so use your time wisely.
  • Be mindful of the patterns and their corresponding bonuses located on the right of your Swago Board. The patterns will vary in difficulty and bonus value – up to 300 SB – enough for your first $3 gift card.
  • Once you’ve achieved a pattern the corresponding “Submit” button will light up. You can have multiple patterns available for submission, however, you can only submit ONE pattern so choose wisely.
  • The game ends Friday, December 22nd at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT. So make sure to hit “Submit” on the pattern you wish to submit. If you don’t hit “Submit” before the game ends you won’t receive your SB bonus.

Also, if you sign up through me this month, you’ll get a $10 rebate when you make your first purchase via Swagbucks Shopping! You can activate it in the “Swag Ups” area of “My Account”.

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Book Review: 21 Days to Happiness

Book Description:

Struggling to find work-life balance? Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or just want to increase your happiness, you can learn how in just 10 minutes a day!

For some of us, feeling busy or stressed has become the new normal. Others feel okay, but just want a boost to productivity, energy and motivation.

Instead of hoping for happiness, what if happiness is something you DO, something you CHOOSE every day? The good news: it is and the solutions are simple.

Psychologist and happiness expert Ingrid Kelada provides a practical, step-by-step guide to help you increase your personal happiness and feel more motivated. You can learn how with simple 10-minute strategies. Each day of the 21-day journey focuses on one key area of your life, including:

Time: how to break the cycle of chaos and manage your time effectively.
Body Language: exploring the surprising links between body language and happiness.
Relationships: how to make the most of the number one predictor of happiness.
Work: how to use your strengths and talents so that you are engaged and motivated.
Money: what you should spend your money on to feel most satisfied.

The book is interactive. Each chapter features resources like apps to try, videos to watch for deeper understanding, or tools to help you master these new habits. At the end of three weeks, along with increased happiness, you’ll find you’ve become more:

• productive
• focused
• patient
• energetic
• healthy
• motivated
• positive

Happiness is a choice. A daily decision to choose happy can be easy, fun and rewarding. With this book, in just a few minutes per day, you can practice one new happiness habit, add resources to your arsenal, and jot down your notes in the journal section.

My Thoughts:

Let’s face it all of us yearn to be happy. After you achieve the basics of life, (food and shelter), you naturally begin to seek something more. You don’t want to wake up day after day to go through the motions in a robotic like state of misery. You don’t want to grudgingly get out of bed, take a shower, put on your clothes and mindlessly drive to work. No, we all want to feel good as we walk through this life. We all want to enjoy the moments that make up our lives. Add up all of the minutes of a lifetime and you certainly want to look back and reflect on moments that elicited a smile.

So how do you find happiness? How do you change the way you live and work to encourage enjoyment? 21 Days to Happiness seeks to increase your happiness, productivity and energy. Through a series of chapters, twenty-one to be exact, the author steps you through methods that can boost your happiness. While the impact may be life changing most of these changes require very simple little changes to the way you act, think and feel.

Each chapter focuses on a relatively easy change. The author provides concrete steps that help you focus your energy on those things that are truly important in life, rather than the rat race we think is so important.

By refocusing your energy on items like music, gratitude, dietary changes, breathing and sleep you can change the amount of happiness you feel. If you want to bring more joy into your new year check out this book or gift it to someone who could use a mental boost.

Watch the trailer:

Meet the Author:

Ms. Ingrid Kelada is an experienced psychologist and happiness expert. She is a speaker and has facilitated over 1000 workshops all over the world. People find her to be pragmatic, inspiring and funny! She has an online personality questionnaire store to help people identify their talents and interests. With over 25 years experience, she offers her expertise to a wide range of clients. She is bilingual and a member of the professional association of Psychologists of Quebec. Visit her online at www.keladacc.ca

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ LinkedIn ~ Instagram

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6 Vital Tips for Trading in Your Used Vehicle

If you live in Langley VA and are in the market for a new car and you want to get rid of the old one quickly and conveniently, then trading it in at a local car dealership is your best option.

Although the price you‘ll get from a dealer will probably be lower than if you would’ve sold it to a private party, it still sounds better than doing all that extra work with advertising or talking with possible buyers.

Keep in mind that even if you choose to trade it, you still won’t be able to avoid the dreaded negotiation process. Dealers can get pretty aggressive, especially if they feel you are new to this. Going unprepared will land you a bad deal, and the worst part is that you won’t even know it.

Surely you want to get the right price for your trade-in, right?

Here are a few tips to help you gain the upper hand while negotiating with a dealer in Langley.

1. Know the Value of Your Car

If you don’t know how much your old car is worth, then it won’t be a negotiation. More like wishful thinking that the dealer is in a good mood and makes you a good offer. Before you bring your old car to the Langley car dealership, make sure you have a good estimate of your vehicle’s value.

Research your model on platforms that provide car pricing. Take your car to three or four used car lots in Langley and ask what they’d offer for it. Get and an idea of what the market demands for your particular model.

2. Be Realistic

Usually, a car’s value drops by up to 30% in the first three years, especially if it’s brand new. Understand that you would never be able to get the initial price.

The value of your car after those three years depends on the condition you’ve kept it in. If it has low mileage, you’re up to date with the maintenance and repairs schedule, and it’s well-kept, you have good chances to strike a good deal.

3. Fix the Easy Things

You can boost up the value of your trade-in with small fixes. Clean the car inside and out and make sure you get rid of any smell. Clean the engine bay and level out all the fluids. Repair any chips, cracks, and dents. Remove any personal items and put back initial accessories like the DVD or SD of the navigation system, if you’ve taken them out. Have the maintenance records organized and ready.

4. Put Yourself in the Dealer’s Shoes

The trade-in has to woo the dealer. He’ll look at the car, drive it around and see what repairs need to be done. He’s the one to decide whether he accepts it or not, based on the car’ condition and his estimate of how fast it will sell while making some money out of it.

Most dealers are looking to make between 2-4% on a resale transaction. To make sure you get a good deal, take the car’s value, add the costs of the small repairs, then the 2-4%. A fair trade-in price should be in that range.

5. Get Offers from Multiple Dealers

Don’t settle for the first price you receive, unless it’s what you estimated to get after you’ve done your research. Take your car to different same-make dealerships in Langley and ask for offers. If they already have similar cars in their lot that haven’t been sold for a month, they’ll offer you a lower price or won’t make an offer at all.

6. Keep New Car and Trade-in Transactions Separately

Don’t launch into negotiating the finance rate, the trade-in price, and the new car price all at the same time. The dealer may concede with what you requested, but he’ll make sure to compensate it in other parts, and in the end, you won’t gain a thing.

Consider getting a loan from another bank or credit union before asking the dealer. Even if you do end accepting his offer, ensure that you get a great rate.


As long as a trade-in forces you to buy from them, dealers will be interested in your vehicle. They know the industry better than you do and can help you get rid of your old car quickly. However, some will be sneakier than others, so your best chance at getting a fair price is to be knowledgeable and beat them at their own game.

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The 6 Steps You NEED To Take If Your Home Is Damaged By Flooding

Flood damage is an unfortunate reality for many people. If your home is built in a flood zone or a floodplain, you may be in danger of flooding during severe weather – and you need to know what to do if your home is damaged by flooding.

In this quick article, we’ll lay out the 6 steps you should take immediately if your home suffers from flood damage.

1. Stay Safe!

If you had to leave your home during the flooding incident, make sure you stay safe when you return to your home. FEMA recommends checking for visible structural damage to your home, including:

  • Warping
  • Loosened or cracked foundations
  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Downed power/utility lines

You should contact utility companies if you suspect that water, gas, sewage, or power lines have been damaged at your home. You should also turn off all water and electrical sources within your home. Turn off the main power at your fuse box – this will minimize the risk of shocks and electrocution.

2. Take Pictures Of Everything

Document the flooded area(s) of your home thoroughly. Using your smartphone, take pictures of any and all affected areas, objects, and items. This way, you will be able to document the extent of flood damage even if you must do some initial removal of water, or repairs.

 3. Protect Your Health

A flooded home can be hazardous. Household chemicals or broken sewer/water lines can negatively affect your health. You should wear rubber, hip or waist-high waders when walking in flooded areas of your home. In addition, use rubber gloves when removing contaminated or flood-damaged items, and throw out any food that’s come in contact with water.

 4. Contact Your Insurance Company

Most standard insurance policies do not cover flooding, but if you live in a flood-prone area, you likely have a specific flood insurance policy through either the NFIP or a private company.

Contact your agent ASAP after your home has flooded. You need an insurance adjuster to examine your property. Send the photos you’ve taken, and ask if you can start making repairs and removing water. Follow all of their advice and instructions precisely – this ensures that the claims process will be quick and easy.

5. Remove All The Water That You Can

After you’ve cleared doing so with your insurance adjuster, you can begin removing water from your home. You can rent a sump pump ($150-$500, depending on the size/performance) and a wet vac ($40-$130) at most hardware or home supply stores.

Use the sump pump to remove the majority of water from all flooded areas. You should be able to run a house to the outside of your home, but you may also have to use buckets to collect water. After you’ve removed most water using a sump pump, you can use your wet vac to remove water that’s collected in corners, or is otherwise hard to access with a sump pump.

After removing water, open the doors and windows of your home to allow fresh air to circulate – as long as this will not allow more water to enter your home. You may also consider setting up fans in windows and doorways to blow air out of your home – this will help reduce moisture levels more effectively. 

6. Control Mold Growth

Mold is a serious issue after flooding, and can develop in as little as 24-48 hours after a flood. Wet objects like carpeting and bedding should be removed ASAP, and most items that have been wet for more than 48 hours will have to be discarded. Get the “OK” from your insurance company before disposing of these items, and photograph them, just in case.

Use a non-ammonia detergent to clean walls, baseboards, and floors, then use a 10% bleach solution to disinfect these areas. This will inhibit mold growth.

In serious cases of flooding, DIY restoration may not be enough. Contact your insurance provider to hire a professional flood restoration service.

Prevent And Mitigate Flood Damage With This Guide!

Flood damage is an unfortunate fact of life for many people. But with this guide, you can understand the basic precautions and steps you should take when your home is damaged by flooding. So stay safe, follow our tips, and get your life back to normal after flood damage has affected your home!

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Top 5 RV Stops From San Francisco To Salt Lake City

Each year many thousands of travelers load up their RV rentals and take to the open roads for adventure, sightseeing, and activities. There are many different routes and drives to consider, and one of the top options on your bucket list should be taking the dive from San Francisco on the West Coast to Salt Lake City in Utah. Not only is this drive gorgeous and full of natural beauty but it offers a fine selection of outdoor activities and sightseeing options. Of course there are many different stops along the way and each journey should be catered to you and your traveling companion’s individual tastes, but here are the five must-do stops for anyone taking this route.

Marin County

This placid, stately region is home to some of the most gorgeous coastline to be found anywhere in America. Featuring rocky cliffs and panoramic ocean views, the coast along Marin is an absolute must if you are in this area. Marin is known as a progressive, laid-back region full of quant, colorful towns and is home to some of the finest arts and crafts markets and boutiques in the country. No matter your tastes, Marin County has plenty to offer any traveler and is well worth a visit.

Big Sur

Speaking of unspoiled coastline, don’t forget that Big Sur is located just a short drive from Marin. Here you will find the legendary ocean views and stunning sunsets this area has become known for. Long an enclave for artists, Big Sur has been the home of everyone from Henry Miller to Hunter Thompson and is the home of the long-running Esalen Institute where you can revive in a nice thermal bath after all those long hours on the road. The Big Sur region also features a number of great restaurants, inns and beds and breakfasts, and plenty of places for travelers to park their RV rentals for a good night’s rest.

Joshua Tree National Park

Located in the desert regions of eastern California, Joshua Tree is an otherworldly and beautiful landscape that is well worth seeing. The desert bed is home to the Joshua tree cactus that gives this park its name, a strange plant that is shaped like a man with outstretched arms. These cactus have been the inspiration for many songs and pieces of art over the centuries, and all it will take is one look to see why. The skies here are open and expansive, and in the nighttime you will be able to see a range of stars without any light pollution whatsoever. Visitors are drawn back to this great region time and time again with its wondrous sights and its sense of calm and peace. Make sure you schedule a stop here on your journey.

Las Vegas

You may think of Las Vegas as being all about bright lights, entertainment, and gambling, but there really is a lot more to this region. Just beyond city limits lies hundreds of miles of vast desert that will absolutely take your breath away. Driving these desert roads is an amazing experience and a true classic of the American highway. You can get in some amazing hikes here, not to mention mountain biking and climbing. The great thing about this area is that it presents the best of both worlds. Should you wish to spend a day exploring the vast desert, you can absolutely do this. But should you wish to have a good night on the town with glittery entertainment, fine dining, and some gambling, you can absolutely do that as well. This mix of rustic and urban is truly unique, which is why Las Vegas is a perfect stop on your trip.

Canyonlands National Park

Located in Utah’s famous Canyon Country, it just doesn’t get any more unique that Canyonlands National Park. This landscape is a true wonder and features many hundreds of individual canyons intersecting at strange angles, unbelievable rock formations, and miles of open wilderness featuring some of the best views in the entire nation. You can easily spend days in Canyonlands as this massive park takes you in and introduces you to its natural wonders and scenic, gorgeous terrain.

There are a great many activities to partake in here, including some of the best and most unique hiking trails in the country, unbelievable rafting opportunities, and mountain biking. There are great camping possibilities as well, which is highly recommended since a night under the canopy of stars will be a sensation you will never forget. Canyonlands has long been a magnet for RV travelers, and there are many parks in the region featuring great amenities and comfortable surroundings.

The drive from San Francisco to Utah is any traveller’s dream, so follow the path of the thousands of other RV rentals who have made the trip before you. You surely won’t regret it.

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