siblings yelling at one another

I consider myself to be pretty level headed. It takes quite a bit to stir me up and I tend to be the type to shout obscenities for a minute or two to release the anger and then let it all go. I rarely hold a grudge. In fact, you have to commit multiple acts against me before I’ll make a mental note of the wrongs you’ve caused.

I don’t cause a lot of drama in my own life. In fact, I’m risk and drama averse. Ask my friends and they’ll tell you I’m about as stable as they come.  I’ve been dating, (now married to), the same guy for fifteen years, lived in the same house for eleven and until recently worked at the same company for twelve.

If you like to live with a lot of drama in your life odds are that you and I aren’t friends. I don’t have the energy or patience for it these days. Some may say that makes me boring, but if that’s the title for someone who has their shit together, then I’ll rightly accept it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to family members it’s not quite so easy to escape the problem. I find the same people are always causing the same issues in my life and I’m beyond the point of sick and tired about it.

I’m not sure that I can go into specific details about my problem, but I can say that the drama revolves around one specific person. Most of the drama involves imaginary issues made up in that person’s mind. The truths are often distorted to further the cause and usually before the day is done they pull out the victim card.

Due to other people in my life I cannot completely ignore this person or write them out of my life. I’d love to hear suggestions and advice from ANYONE who reads this post. If you’ve ever faced something similar please leave a comment below. If nothing else misery loves company 🙂