Last week I wrote fewer posts then I’ve written in quite awhile. I decided to dedicate my off-hours, (the hour or two I get each day while my son is sleeping), to reading. If you recall I have a strange habit of buying books I never read. In an effort to clear my shelf and my conscience I piled up a bunch of books and started to read them one by one. I also received a couple of great new books to review.

One night after Baby A went to sleep I poured a glass of water, sat down in a particularly comfy chair in my living room, turned on the light and began to read. I told my husband he was on night duty for the baby and that I wanted to sit in that chair until I got tired enough to go to sleep. That night I read three-quarters of the first book and have dedicated at least an hour each night since to reading more.

My passion for books has been reignited. I’ve passed up napping for reading on more than one occasion and even read a little today while Baby A was occupied in his exersaucer.  I haven’t given up blogging or reading blogs, but I find that my attention span really wanders when I read online.

I was amazed by how quickly I was able to focus and flip through the pages of a paperback. I am determined to read each and every book on my shelf before the end of next month. When I’m finished I’ll sell or donate all of those formerly un-read books and clear the slate once and for all.

From that point forward I will only purchase one book at a time and I will not bring any additional books into the house until I read the last one I purchased. Now that Baby A is in my life I have a lot less time to do whatever I please. I feel really good about spending at least thirty minutes a day reading without my computer.