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4 Green Tips for Eco-Friendly Parenting

If you’re a parent, you probably want to ensure everything works perfectly according to your plans and maintain a healthy, eco-friendly family. But If you have active kids who need various items for their daily routine, it can be tricky to maintain an eco-friendly environment. This is because most of their stuff is not environmentally friendly and they need new ones after every stage of development.

However, practicing eco-friendly parenting is possible. What does it take? It means you take care of your environment so that your kids and everyone else’s can have better lives. But how do you achieve this? Read on and understand green tips for eco-friendly parenting.

1. Plant a Kitchen Garden for Your Veggies

Instead of buying veggies from the local store, go green and make your kitchen garden. Plant various veggies that you’ll require for your daily consumption, and if you have a bigger space, plant both fruits and veggies. Doing this will help you avoid collecting the plastic packaging from stores, giving you a hard time disposing of them.

Also, it’ll help conserve the environment since plants have many benefits to both land and air. It will also prevent your family from harmful chemicals like preservatives and pesticides, which most producers use. To start this project, you’ll require organic seeds, which you can plant without using processed fertilizers and spraying.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Products in Your Home

If you want to be a green parent who is eco-conscious, use organic products in your home. If you have a baby who’s still using diapers, buy them bamboo baby wipes which will not affect their skins in any way. Also, ensure the food you cook in your home is organic, which can’t cause anyone harm. You can buy organic chicken meat or eggs for your family instead. Also, it would help if you used eco-friendly clothes for everyone in your family, which help make the environment greener and safe.

Remember, if you have kids using eco-friendly products can save yourself from unnecessary spending since in many cases they last longer. If you want to keep your child’s memories through toys, buy them these types in a bid to become a green parent.

3. Walk to Various Destinations Rather Than Using Your Car

These might be the most physically intensive tips to achieve in your quest to be a green parent. However, it’ll also help you reduce air pollution, which harms some innocent people’s lives. Walking is also good for your health as you get to exercise. If you’re expectant, it’s advisable to walk to help the baby develop too. Choose paths that are safe but with fresh air that will be beneficial to you.

Note that this doesn’t mean you walk throughout since some distance is just impossible to reach. You can ditch your car but use public transportation where necessary. If you have a baby, use a sling and see how they’ll enjoy the experience than in the car seat. You’ll also realize that after opting to walk, you’ll be reducing your expenses as public transportation is cheap and walking is free.

4. Buy or Borrow Second-Hand Items

Becoming a new parent comes with a lot of pressure as everyone wants to outdo the other on the latest trends in town. Be different and avoid comparing yourself to others by buying second-hand child clothes which are not as expensive.

Using second-hand items will also reduce the rate of circulation of non-biodegradable products. You can also opt for borrowing items from friends to go green and increase their lifespan. For example, instead of buying maternity dresses that you’ll use for only nine months, borrow from someone who’s not going to use theirs again. Apart from this being a great green parent initiative, it’s also a cost reduction plan.


To achieve any of the tips, you need to lead by example for your family members to join this noble course. Use organic products, have a kitchen garden, and be different from others. It might take you time to get this but know patience and determination pays.