The 6 Best Cars for First-Time Drivers

So, you’ve just passed your driving test and you want to buy your first car? First of all, congratulations! Passing your driving test is and big deal and now you can enjoy the freedom of having your own car.

With so many cars on the market, it can feel quite daunting when it comes to choosing the right model for you. Here’s a roundup of great cars for first-time drivers. They’re affordable, easy to use and perfect if you’re still building your confidence on the road.

Ford Fiesta

A reliable and easy-to-use model, the Ford Fiesta has been going strong since 2017 and shows no signs of slowing down. With newer models coming out all the time, they’re upgrading it with each release, adding new interior elements, touch screen displays and added functionality.

Kia Rio

Kia Rios are just as hardy as Ford Fiestas but their warranties trump the competition. All Kia models come with a 100,000-mile, seven-year warranty which is particularly good for first-time drivers who won’t face huge repair bills if anything breaks. The model has been updated too with electric door mirrors, Bluetooth and air conditioning.

Nissan Micra

Don’t turn your nose up at the Nissan Micra. It might have looked a bit lame in the past, but the model has been given a new lease of life that has left it looking more modern and powerfully built. And with Bluetooth, autonomous energy braking and lane departure warning built in, it also takes care of certain things, so you don’t have to.

If you’re still concerned about having an accident, take out adequate learner driver insurance so you’re fully covered if something unexpected happens.

Renault Twingo

Designed particularly well for congested cities and urban areas, the Renault Twingo is small, light and nifty around tight corners and bends. To put this into context, its turning circle is one of the tightest on the market, making it perfect for first-time drivers who want to drive to work and back although at this time of year it may be wise to consider winter tyres.

Toyota Aygo

It’s compact, it’s easy to use and it’s remarkably cheap to run: the Toyota Aygo has plenty going for it. Its 1 litre engine ensures that you get your money’s worth in terms of gas, and it has capacity for further safety features should you want peace of mind.

Volkswagen Polo

For any first-time drivers who want something more upmarket for their first car, the latest Volkswagen Polo model offers a more elevated driving experience with a spacious cabin, a generous boot and in-built touchscreen navigation. It’s cheap to run too with a 65hp 1.0-litre petrol engine and also offers further safety features with autonomous emergency braking.

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