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The quest for cod liver oil got me thinking about other health products, so I dug through my medicine cabinets to find out what other items I already own. I found quite a few bottles of vitamins. I noticed that all of the Nature Made bottles contained the following message: “Visit our website & earn free vitamins.” So I took a peek online. According to the website each Nature Made bottle contains a Wellness Rewards Code. If you create an account on the website you can enter the Wellness Codes. These codes are then converted into Wellness Reward points. Once you earn 500 points or more you can request a coupon for $5 off your next Nature Made purchase. For every additional 500 points they’ll send you a $7 coupon. The site says you can also receive other rewards like fitness DVDs and classical music CDs.

The point system is a little funky. You earn a different number of points depending on which bottle of vitamins you purchase. I rummaged through our medicine cabinet and found six bottles of vitamins. Some of the bottles were worth 85 points, others only 60. In total I earned 460 points, plus 15 extra points just for signing up. If I earn another 25 points I should be able to request the $5 coupon.

Nature Made vitamins are more expensive than the generic brands, but every so often they run a buy-one-get-one-free offer. We don’t purchase vitamins often but if we’re in need I always wait for one of these sales. On rare occasions I’ve seen coupons in the newspaper and every once in awhile I receive coupons when I checkout at Giant.

If you buy vitamins you might want to checkout the Nature Made site for more information. I’m not endorsing the product, but since I purchase these anyway, I might as well earn coupons towards future purchases.

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