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Freelancing Myths – Debunked!

Are you considering a career based within freelancing? If so, you’re not alone! Millions of people enjoy sharing their skills and earning additional income through freelancing gigs. Whether they’re working as translators or graphic designers, tutors, even sales or administrative roles, knowing that you can utilise your skills to increase your monthly budget or as part of your chosen career path, means more flexibility, responsibility and freedom within your working life. 

Sadly, when some people consider working as a freelancer, their dreams are often doused in cold water, thanks to a series of myths and misunderstandings about the industry. This kind of doubt can mean putting off your dreams and never reaching your true potential. 

So, with this in mind let’s take a look at some of the most common freelancing myths – and let’s debunk them!

Looking after your finances is a nightmare

As a freelancer, you get to be your own boss which comes with all kinds of freedoms. However, that also means additional responsibilities such as managing your own finances. Invoicing, in particular, can be incredibly difficult to get right, and if not done correctly you’ll struggle to get paid, and for some, the idea of chasing payments from clients is certainly an uncomfortable prospect.

In reality, while there is plenty to learn about managing your own finances, it can be done. And with the right tools at your disposal, you can streamline the entire process. You can easily create invoices using, and send them out to your clients with a couple of clicks. Giving you more time to focus on your work. 

It’s not reliable or sustainable

Of course, this statement varies from person to person. After all, no two businesses are the same. The frugality of freelancing depends on a variety of factors, ranging from your chosen industry to the number of hours you put in, the amount you charge per commission, the number of clients and contracts you acquire, and whether or not you’re still maintaining a full-time job and freelancing on the side. 

The truth of the matter is, you will have some quieter periods and others where you find yourself rushed off your feet. However, with the right advertising and dedication, you can still expect a steady income.

It’s incredibly isolating

Freelancing means you get to work in the comfort of your own home. Which of course, comes with all kinds of benefits. However, despite having all your home comforts around you, freelancing myths dictate that freelancers are incredibly isolated and lonely people who generally, miss the comradery and sociable side of a traditional working environment. 

The reality, however, is much different. Yes, you may have periods where you’re working alone. And you may occasionally miss the chatter around the water-cooler. However, a successful freelancer knows that they can be as sociable as they want to be! You can still keep in touch with old colleagues, you can network with other creatives, and even consider working in shared office spaces if you really want to. You set the rules!

Final thoughts…

If you’re considering a career as a freelancer, what are you waiting for?