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Pull Off the Best High School Reunion with These 00s-themed Party Ideas

If you were born in the 90s, chances are you’ve lived your happiest and youthful years in the 00s. Those were the days of peak reality TV and questionable fashion statements. And some of these moments are coming back, which makes some people feel nostalgic.

If you want to induce that nostalgia with your friends, you may want to try a 00s-themed high school reunion. Relive all those memories when you gathered in your friend’s house to watch “The Hills.” Remember those times when you were rapping along to “In Da Club.” Yes, you can do that all at your next high school reunion.

So how do you pull off this exciting party with your friends? Check out these 00s themed party ideas that’ll surely bring you back to the past.

Think of a specific theme

The 00s is a whole decade. There were a lot of memorable things that happened in those ten iconic years. Pull out ideas from the biggest pop culture moments on TV. Make that your running theme for the party. Live through the biggest fiasco the VMAs brought to the people. Dress up as the Kardashian sisters for a perfect grand entrance. You can also get inspiration from the biggest movies of that decade.

Do a house party for your reunion just like the one Cady Heron did on “Mean Girls.” How about turning your party venue into Pandora from the highest-grossing film of the 00s, “Avatar.” You’ll never run out of legendary moments from 00s pop culture. Make some of these as your theme for the reunion party. Your friends are surely going to enjoy it.

Set the mood with music

Music is the most effective tool to bring back several memories you had in high school. Look through the music charts in the 00s. Check out the biggest names across all genres. You can also try to remember all the songs that dominated the radio in the early days of your high school. Recall all those songs performed on MTV TRL you went crazy for. Use all these songs as your party soundtrack.

Turn the party up with pop girl essentials from Rihanna to Lady Gaga. Queue songs from Eminem, the biggest artist of the 00s. Cap off the party with the decade’s dance classics by Daft Punk. Don’t forget to slow it down with catchy tunes from your favorite romantic comedy soundtracks. This will give you prom night shivers. You’ll dance like how you did fifteen years ago.

Your party favors

Let them bring home the nostalgia by giving your guests the best party favors. You might need to scour for the greatest retro finds in thrift stores or specialty shops. From old notebooks to fancy sharpeners, school supplies from the 00s era were the trendiest. Try to look for some and give them as party favors. If you couldn’t find old stuff from stores, you can buy things that resonate most with the 00s decade.

Remember how teenagers went crazy with accessories back then? You can give something similar to those. These can be butterfly hair clips and simple silicone rings that are widely available online. High school kids back then also had fun with electronics. Everyone wanted to look flashy with their Motorola RAZRs and iPods. This was the time when MP3 players became popular. You can still buy these players at a low price and gift them to your reunion guests.

The cake should take the cake”

MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen” was never complete without jaw-dropping cakes for the celebrants. Use this as a reference to your reunion’s highlight. Make it extra special by bringing out a cake that will make everyone fascinated. Of course, don’t forget the 00s theme. That’s the core of the whole event. Order customized cakes from bakeries that offer this kind of service.

Make fun references from cake-related movie scenes. You can take inspiration from the opulent cakes in “Marie Antoinette” film. You can ask the bakery to make a big Bundt cake referencing “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Harry Potter fans will rejoice if you recreate the cake that Rubeus Hagrid delivered on the 2001 installment of the franchise. Your celebration will be as fun as a birthday party with a cake inspired by the era you’ve all lived through.

Have fun reminiscing about your youthful years. Give these reunion party ideas a try. Relive all the chaotic and happiest moments of your high school years. You’d surely bring smiles to all the attendees of your reunion. Your party will transport all of you back to your lives before student loans and adulting problems.