Why Having a Freelance Side Hustle is the Ultimate Money Hack

Looking to make some extra money? Having a side hustle is the way to go. Whether it’s to combat the current cost of living crisis that is plaguing the UK or you’re saving up to buy your first home, side hustles are the perfect way to turn passions into cold hard cash.

In the UK, a whopping 25% of adults have a side hustle which proves just how popular having one is amongst Brits. Many of these were originally hobbies or interests but events like the COVID-19 pandemic meant that people had the time to really put some effort into their businesses.

The wave of side hustles is very much still here and you can ride it too. All you need to do is know why they’re a great idea and what you need to do in order to run a successful side hustle. Fortunately, this guide has everything you need to learn all that and more. Read on to find out more.

Why is having a freelance side hustle the ultimate money hack?

If a side hustle looks to be on your horizon then here is what you’ll benefit from doing so:

Make extra money

One of the main reasons anyone does a side hustle is to make a bit of cash on the side of their normal job. This can then be used for enjoyment or put in savings.

Low risk

If your side hustle fails then the likelihood is you won’t lose too much money as start-up costs are fairly low. You’ll still have your full-time job to fall back on too.

Learn new skills

Side hustles are usually solely run by yourself. This means you have to learn all the different aspects of business management.

Build up your CV

Running a business shows proactivity and creativity which will look great to employers on your CV. This may help you get a promotion or even a better job elsewhere.

Examples of side hustles and what you need to succeed


If you’ve got a passion for green spaces then landscaping may be perfect. To get started you’ll need gardening tools and a van to carry all of it to your client’s home in.

Beauty professional

Whether you open your own salon or visit people’s homes to give them glamorous makeovers, this can make a lot of money for anyone on the side. Invest in high-quality professional equipment such as hairdryers to wow your customers every time.

Fashion brand

Those with a keen eye for fashion could even start their own clothesline. This will require a sewing machine and plenty of materials to bring your creations to life.


This is a very common option as well, and the only equipment you will need is a laptop and a way with words.  

Business consultant

This option is better for those with quite a bit of experience in the sector. If you’ve previously worked as a consultant before, you might be able to simply find your own clients and do it without an employer backing you up.


If there’s any skill that you think you might be able to teach, tutoring if a good option for those wanting to do their own thing. Whether it’s teaching a language, how to code or playing an instrument, there are always people willing to learn.

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