Tomorrow my family and I will be celebrating my grandmother’s 86th birthday! Although my grandmother can be quite impossible at times, I do love her with all my heart. Last year I bought her a digital picture frame and loaded it with scanned photographs I generated from hundreds of my grandfather’s old photographic slides. My grandfather, who passed away over ten years ago, was an amazing photographer. Due to the cost of processing film, my grandfather rarely developed the pictures he shot. Instead, he would hold slide shows for the family, projecting hundreds of images onto the walls of his home. When my grandfather died, my grandmother moved all of his slides into an old armoire chest where they sat and collected dust. One afternoon I decided those photographs needed to be displayed. I gathered the slides from my grandmother’s house and painstakingly scanned them. After I reached 1,000 scanned images, I purchased a digital picture frame, and then loaded them onto a digital picture frame for my grandmother.

To this day my grandmother says this is the best present she has ever received. She keeps the digital picture frame running 24 hours a day and shows it to all of the neighbors who visit her. I am so happy that I could provide something so meaningful to her. Although she drives me absolutely batty at times. I feel very blessed and grateful to have her in my life.

This year I don’t have such a perfect present for her. In fact, I haven’t bought a present for her at all. More than anything else, I know what she wants to spend time with me. This year I’m planning on taking a day off work to be with her. Sometimes I drive up on the weekends and visit, before or after I visit my parents, but this year I’m planning on setting aside an entire day to be with her. I might even let her pick the day.