what does success look like

What Does Success Look Like and How Does It Feel?

What does success look like? When you hear the word success, what do you picture? Growing up, success meant luxury goods and over-the-top experiences. I grew up watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, where the host, Robin Leach, explored the yachts, mansions, and luxury car collections of the world’s wealthiest people. Then signed off … Read more

Time and Money: Money Bought Me Time

The posts on this blog have been sparse lately. Despite my best intentions, I haven’t written much. Caring for my dad, managing my parents’ finances, tending to my children, and completing a never-ending list of household chores haven’t left time for my daily musings.  There was a time when I would get itchy if I didn’t … Read more

Rich vs Wealthy: Is There A Difference Between Them?

Is there a difference between rich and wealthy? Not by definition. According to the oxford dictionary, the definition of rich is having a lot of money or property. As one might guess, the definition of wealthy is the same. Rich and wealthy both indicate an abundance of valuable material possessions. Search for a synonym for … Read more

Stealth Wealth: The Secret Lives of Millionaires

What is stealth wealth? Stealth wealth is the desire to conceal your net worth from others. While some millionaires like to flaunt their riches, others do their best to hide it. Why would someone want to hide their wealth? That’s an interesting question. Ask a wealthy individual why they practice stealth wealth, and they’ll most … Read more

How to Achieve FIRE and Financial Independence

The Internet is full of FIRE (financial independence retire early) articles. Before I started typing this post, I ran a quick Google search that returned over seventy million results. You can now read about coastFIRE, slowFIRE, fatFIRE, baristaFIRE, leanFIRE, and all other versions of FIRE that currently exist. Over time I’m sure new terms will … Read more

What is the Best Part of Achieving Financial Freedom?

What does the term financial freedom mean to you? When you hear those words, what do you picture? Close your eyes for a moment and reflect on that phrase. What do you see? When I think about financial freedom, I envision young, wrinkle-free faces, posing on exotic beaches, sailboats, and RVs. The media often presents … Read more

Chasing the Wind: In Search of the Wrong Pursuits

As a child, my best friend and I spent a warm, summer afternoon chasing the wind. One particularly gusty day we snuck into our rooms, grabbed the top sheets from our beds, and raced towards my parent’s backyard. We stood atop the grassy hill just behind my house and waited for the wind to blow. … Read more

Chronic Illness: A Driving Force to Financial Independence

When you think about life after financial independence what do you think about? Most of us envision an adventurous future full of possibilities. There are so many exciting reasons to save money and stick with an early retirement plan, but joyful reasons aren’t at the top of everyone’s list. Among the crowds cheering for early … Read more

I Am Financially Free: Goodbye Money Worries

Do you equate financial independence with financial freedom? I’ve heard the terms used interchangeably but they don’t mean the same thing to me. I reached FI nearly a decade ago, but I’m still not sure I’m financially free. Financially Free What is the definition of financial independence? To become financially independent you must earn enough … Read more