Making Financial Decisions: Mixing Emotions with Math

I used to hate making financial decisions. I’d like to say it was just the big, scary financial decisions that frightened me, but in truth, even the teeny, tiny ones could stop me in my tracks. I blame my hesitancy on being a perfectionist. It wasn’t the bad choices that concerned me. I knew enough … Read more

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What is FU Money? The True Power of an FU Fund

When we think about money, we typically think about monetary value. We ask questions like how much are my investments worth or what could I buy with the money I earned? Why don’t we talk more about the emotional benefits of saving all that dough? How does money make us feel, and what can it … Read more

The Option of Early Retirement

Oh financial independence; the holy grail of monetary freedom. The ability for our passive income streams and current assets to cover our expenses without another day of work. Thanks to FI my husband and I could throw in the towel on traditional employment. We’ve saved, invested and earned the right to step away from the … Read more

What Motivates You To Save?

“What motivates you to save?,” I asked my husband last night at the dinner table. “Is pride your motivating factor?” “Insurance,” he told me quite matter of factly, “I want to know money is there in case I need it.” “What about you?,” he asked. “I save out of fear,” I told him. “That’s a … Read more

The Race for Financial Independence

Imagine you are waiting at the starting line of a race. Picture yourself stretching, tightening your shoelaces and quietly taking deep relaxing breaths. There is no doubt you are ready. You spent months training for this particular event. You step into position and brace for the sound of the starting gun. Then suddenly bang! You’re … Read more

How Do You Measure Success: Choosing Better Metrics

How do you measure success? Is it a large house surrounded by a white picket fence and a lush green lawn? How about a high-paying career that includes yearly bonuses and a fancy title? In my eyes these were the epitome of the American Dream and I desperately wanted both. To achieve these goals my … Read more

Am I Too Modest About My Financial Success

Do you discuss the highlights on your journey to Financial Independence or FIRE? I’ve been blogging about money for over fourteen years, but I am still hesitant to write and talk about the big, bold moments of my financial quest. Looking back I think I’ve been too modest about my financial success. Leaving Out the … Read more

Overcoming Financial Fears, Stress and Anxiety

Life experiences can have a profoundly positive or negative impact on the way we think about money. When good things happen we view the world through rose colored glasses. When bad things occur we squint through shards of glass. How does your past impact your feelings about money? Do you face financial matters from a … Read more