Have you Set a Date for FIRE?

Many members of the FIRE community set dates for retirement. I constantly read things like I plan to retire in 5 years. I want to retire at age 40. I will no longer be working by age 45. I understand the premise behind these dates. If you set a specific goal you are more likely … Read more

Saving for a Life Full of Possibilities

When you save money do you save with a specific goal in mind? Do you set aside cash with the intention of buying one particular thing? It may sound strange but I’ve never done this. I didn’t purposefully set aside money for my car, my house or my rental property. I just put money in … Read more

Failing to Achieve the Highest Returns

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t always seek the highest financial returns. I know, I know, it’s shocking isn’t it. How can I blog about money for thirteen years and not put every dollar to work in the most efficient way? Isn’t the goal to accumulate the biggest bank … Read more

The Trouble With Net Worth Comparisons

You know, in real life very few people discuss their income and expenses, but in the world of personal finance a lot of bloggers share their numbers. Those black numbers pop off the page of my browser and stare back at me from my light-filled computer screen. Do you ever look at those numbers? Do … Read more

Don’t Let Others Discount Your Success

In social circles I am often hesitant to discuss the fact that I own a beach house. I feel like the dynamic changes once people find out I own a vacation rental home, so I usually keep this information to myself. (This was certainly more true in my late twenties. It’s a little less so … Read more

Is Suze Orman Right About FIRE?

Three mornings a week I drop my children off at school and head directly to the gym. My neck and back are forever tight and achy, but I find that a quick jaunt on the elliptical machine loosens my muscles and my mind. In the beginning I listened to music and pounded out the minutes … Read more