We have a small space between the front and screen door at the front of our home. Whenever charities call and ask for donations I pile up all of the items in this tiny little space, sometimes three or four boxes tall so they’ll be kept out of the elements and no one will take them in the night. Sure someone could open my screen door and take them, but we’d hear the door open and I figured most people wouldn’t do that.

Well today I’m donating a coffee table in addition to lots of books, housewares and clothes, so I piled up the items and placed them on the table just below the front steps of our house.

I took six boxes and bags of items outside and then went into the house to get my son ready for the day. When I came back downstairs I saw a car out in the street in front of our house and a woman walking to her car with two of the bags.

Now she was not a walking to a broken-down, dilapidated car. This was a large silver SUV that looked relatively new and in good condition. The woman didn’t knock and she didn’t ask if the items were for donation or sale, she just took them and ran off. In fact, she took all four boxes and bags of clothing, which means she made at least three trips up to my door to retrieve them.

The way the items were placed on the table, they actually looked more like we were moving or planning a yard sale. They certainly didn’t look like they were piled up for donation.

The craziest thing to me is that they were placed just at the bottom of our front steps which is at least twenty five steps from the street. We live in a single, detached home, so there are no other houses near us and you would have to go out of your way to walk up to our door. Also, nothing about this pile looked like I intended to give it away. It was neatly piled and organized, so it was clear this wasn’t an eviction of any type and there was no sign saying ‘free for the taking.’

Given the fact that this woman had the nerve to walk all the way up to my house to take these items I can only assume she needs them. At least I hope she does.

Luckily I intended to give them to charity anyway, so I suppose they have just found a home sooner than later. I say “luckily”, because if we were planning a yard sale we’d now have nothing but the table and a box of books and hangers left to sell.