HSA versus PPO: Feeling Guilty About Doctor Visits

For about eight years, my husband and I subscribed to a high-deductible health plan. Every year I renewed our insurance and hoped we would stay healthy. In the best-case scenario, we would pay lower premiums, sock money away in our HSA, and never visit the doctor’s office. In the worst-case scenario, we would pay $6,000 … Read more

Keeping Your Medical Records Could Save Your Life

If you’ve never experienced a major medical crisis, you’ve probably never thought or worried about your medical records. Before I got sick, I believed doctors quickly diagnosed patients, medical mistakes rarely happened, and medical professionals were the keepers of my medical history. Then I fell ill with a condition doctors couldn’t identify. The experience forever … Read more

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Invisalign Cost: How to Find the Best Price for Invisalign

  How Much Does Invisalign Cost? How much does Invisalign cost? Oddly enough there isn’t a one-size-fits-all price for Invisalign treatment. The cost of Invisalign depends on how many adjustments your teeth will need. Some patients need minor orthodontic work. Their teeth are relatively straight and their top and bottom teeth match up when they … Read more

School Options, Homeschool and COVID-19

My youngest son is scheduled to begin kindergarten this year. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, we talked a lot about his new school and how exciting it will be to join his big brother. Now I’m not so sure if he will start there.  This was going to be the year of big changes. The … Read more

Life After the Pandemic: What Will Change For You?

I drove to the store for the first time in over a month and it felt unbelievably strange to go out in public after four long weeks of isolation. I took a long, deep breath after reaching the store’s parking lot. Then I pulled the elastic bands of my face mask over my ears and … Read more

Take Control of Your Life When Life Feels Out of Control

A month or so ago our lives were coasting on autopilot. We completed our daily checklists and routines without a second thought and moved through the motions of life seamlessly. Then came the outbreak of COVID-19. Over the course of the last few weeks our lives have been radically altered. We can no longer shop, visit … Read more

Feeling Positive in Spite of Coronavirus

My husband calls me a catastrophist, because I always think about the worst case scenarios. “What can go wrong,” I often wonder, no matter what the situation might be. I blame my anxieties on a series of unexpected events: a pulmonary embolism, peripheral neuropathy, a flawed medical system that nearly failed me, years of infertility, … Read more

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Invisalign Reviews (2023): The Good, Bad & Ugly Reality

Are your teeth crooked? Does your bite seem slightly off? Are your gums receding? Let me guess, you want to fix a few orthodontic issues, but you aren’t sure about plunking down thousands of dollars for Invisalign. My Invisalign Experience Well, I’m here to help. I’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about … Read more

Mammogram Call Back Anxiety: Stories to Relieve Your Fears

Years ago, I wrote this post to help other women struggling with mammogram call back anxiety. Since then, more than one hundred women have provided mammogram call back stories of their own. If a mammogram call back has left you feeling anxious or afraid, I encourage you to read this post and the comments below. … Read more