Living Simply (A Simple Life With Less Money)

Two factors propelled my race for financial independence: increasing my income and living simply. One helped me earn and save money. The other helped me realize I didn’t need nearly as much as I thought I did. Living Simply Requires Less Money How much money do you need to save for a simple life in retirement? … Read more

45 Minimalist Christmas Gifts (All Clutter-Free)

A minimalist Christmas involves paring down extravagant, consumer-driven gift-giving, but it doesn’t mean forgoing presents altogether. The goal is to search for gifts that add value without adding unnecessary clutter. Here are forty-five minimalist Christmas gifts to consider. Experiences At the top of any minimalists’ wish list, you’ll find experiences. Experiences might include movie nights, wine … Read more

Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Space

Stepping inside, I feel cramped and uncomfortable. The problem is obvious. There is too much stuff and not enough space. The room is full of oversized furniture and piles of unwanted objects. Large wooden shelves overflow with cookbooks, medical records, and toys. A stack of blankets and old pillows gathers dust in one corner, next to three … Read more

How to Make the Most of Your Time and Money

Last week I wrote about protecting and managing my parents’ money, but I didn’t write about the heartache involved in taking over the task.  Money management isn’t a problem. I know how to help my parents financially. It’s my parents’ health that keeps me up at night.  My dad was recently diagnosed with advanced-stage esophageal cancer. … Read more

What is Time Freedom? How to Get Freedom In Life

In America, we traditionally measure success by the amount of stuff we accumulate and own. We admire bigger houses, luxury vehicles, and extravagant vacations, and spend our days earning money to pay for all those treasures. But, in doing so, we disregard the most valuable resource: our time. What if we stopped using stuff to measure … Read more

A Letter to My Future Self: Will I Be Happy?

Many of us get trapped by the day-to-day monotony of our lives. We’re not happy, but we’re not miserable either, and in this state, we are often unwilling to change. But if we are reluctant to create a new path, our future is guaranteed to remain the same. So here’s the question: If nothing changed, and … Read more

How to Believe In Yourself

My oldest child is afraid of monsters and the dark. He races up from the basement so he won’t be the last one left down there and still struggles to fall asleep on his own. He’s always been a bit fearful of things, but lately, it felt like his fear was growing. I wanted to … Read more

Letting Go of Childhood Toys and Memorabilia

Letting Go of Toys We haven’t picked out a new house, but we started cleaning, packing, and decluttering as though we’ve already found one to love. This week I tackled the closets, beginning the painstaking process of boxing up our belongings in preparation for our move. I spent two days transporting our possessions out of the darkness … Read more