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No Matter How Hard We Try… We All Stumble a Little

For as long as I can remember I have loved books and novels. When I was just two years old my mom used a series of Sesame Street flash cards to teach me to read. It’s strange, but to this day I can picture some of those images, like the picture of Grover holding a plate of spaghetti in front of an open door. The word ‘open’ written in large, black font beneath the image.

My mom took me to the library on Sunday afternoons and I remember walking through isles and isles of books so I could pick out the ones with the most colorful jackets. She’s always tell me to pick four or five to bring home, but I’d always ask to bring home at least six or seven.

In high school I read often and in college I took all of the literature courses that required extra reading. While my classmates sat through poetry seminars, I enrolled in the History of the Novel, a course which required me to read fourteen novels and write upteen papers in a semester.

I suppose I was a glutton for punishment, but really I just couldn’t resist the urge to read a good novel. Years after I graduated I would go to the University bookstore and find reading lists for literature courses that sounded interesting. I’d fill my arms with so many books I could barely carry them to the register.

I’ve donated a ton of books to the local library and sold a bunch through various cash back sites, but somehow I still find myself looking at stacks of non-fiction books and best-selling novels. I have a bunch of personal finance books I plan to read and review for One Frugal Girl and a whole stack of books I’d just like to read for pleasure.

Despite a stack of fifteen books stockpiled books on the corner table, I caught myself buying a used book earlier this week. A reader on a previous post suggested I read Bitter is the New Black and I couldn’t resist the cheap price on eBay.

When I mentioned this problem to a coworker of mine, she told me she has the exact same issue. She said she’s always carries a half-read book in her purse and constantly finds herself buying new novels.

I’m not sure why I can’t seem to break the habit. I know it’s not the worst habit to have and I know that I’ll eventually finish all the books on the shelf, but I wonder… what makes the purchase of a book so irresistible?

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