20% Discount on Vonage Services

Yesterday, with the help of Frugal Babe, I discovered that Vonage will provide a 20% discount for annual prepayment of phone services. We typically pay this bill monthly, but a 20% discount was enough incentive to convince me to change my ways.

Prepayment knocked the $24.99 service costs down to $19.99 a month. It seems Vonage also knocked off a few other miscellaneous fees, because the total came to $282.24. Saving us $77.64 annually or roughly $6.47 for each month of service.

Thanks Frugal Babe!

3 thoughts on “20% Discount on Vonage Services”

  1. Glad I could help šŸ™‚ You did even better than we did – our total came to $305. I remember when we used to pay $70/month for regular phone service. Vonage rocks!

  2. Just curious, have you looked at your usage to see if you really need the unlimited plan? I think last time I checked you could use up to 750 outgoing minutes a month and still spend less than the unlimited plan. (You get incoming for free).

    Just thought it was worth mentioning. I wonder if they have a discount for prepaying the limited plan too?

  3. Hazzard — Fortunately I get to work from home quite often. Unfortunately, this means I use way more than the allotted minutes in the limited plan, but thanks for the suggestion.

    I don’t know for sure if Vonage will provide a discount for the limited plan, but it’s certainly worth calling them to find out.


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