After watching Food, Inc roughly ten days ago I asked readers for their input on purchasing organic products. I’m happy to report that the comments on that post convinced me to pursue a more organic lifestyle. I discussed the goal with my husband and began my quest this week.

Unfortunately, the chain grocery store closest to my home offers a very small selection of organic products, so I went to Mom’s Organic Market in search of greater variety. I walked around the store for about twenty minutes, focusing primarily on the selection and prices of produce, nuts, bread, cheese and dairy products.

Overall my quest for a greener diet has reinvigorated my desire to eat more fruits and vegetables. Awhile ago a friend introduced me to The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health, which opened my eyes to the health benefits of a plant based diet. The book creates a color chart for good eating. It groups produce according to it’s color including red, yellow-orange, green and blue-purple and discusses the health benefits of each group.

After reading the book I immediately incorporated more fruits and vegetables into my diet. This was an easy task during the summer when nearly every type of fruit is in season, but as the leaves turned and the snow fell I nearly halted my produce intake. As I searched through the store I thought long and hard about including a variety of fruits and veggies back into my diet.

While I was pleased with the the amount and variety of organic and all-natural products at MOM’s I was also shocked by the prices. For example, four, mid-sized tangerines cost $6.16. Despite my new goals I had no intention of paying $6.16 for four tangerines.

I knew that I would pay more for organic and all-natural products and the cash register receipt was certainly confirmation of that fact. I spent more in produce in one trip to the store then I would during a whole month at my typical grocery store. For the time being I do plan to proceed with my goals, but as the weather warms up I will certainly seek out farmer’s markets and cheaper alternatives for organic products.