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Cost of a Hospital Delivery: $2,140.73

A quick search on the website of my health insurance provider estimated the costs of a vaginal hospital birth at $13,193. The average cost for a cesarean delivery is listed as $18,308. That’s actually a lot less than I would have predicted, but a lot more than I’d like to pay.

Now that I’ve picked a doctor and hospital I called my health insurance provider in the hopes of attaining a better estimate of the cost of child birth. While they couldn’t provide any estimates on the cost of coverage, (they said every hospital, procedure and doctor would have different pricing), they did tell me that I would be responsible for 15% of all expenses and they would cover the other 85%.

The representative I spoke to reviewed my medical history/insurance usage so far this year and let me know that I’ve met the deductible and a small portion of my coinsurance. Based on the information on file she said I should not expect to pay more than $2,140.73 out of pocket.

It just so happens that I have $2,552.42 remaining in my FSA account, which means that our pre-tax estimate this year was right on target. I’ll have a bunch of co-pays and other expenses between now and the time I deliver. I will also have a bunch more after the little one arrives, but I bet the FSA will cover almost all of our medical expenses this year.

I deferred $4,000 into my FSA at the beginning of the year in the hopes that I would get pregnant this year, but of course you just never know. It’s crazy to think that this little miracle happened and that we estimated the total cost of care so perfectly.

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