Things You Can Get For Free

The March issue of Real Simple magazine contains an article titled 36 surprising things you can get for FREE. Here are a number of items mentioned in the article:

Free education from MIT, the BBC. FrenchPodClass and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Free entertainment, including free museums, free gymboree classes and a free kids’ night on broadway.

Free photos for signing up at Kodak, Snap Fish, Dot Photo, and Adorama.

Free phone services including, Popularity Dialer and Skype.

Free Used Books including, Paper Back Swap & Title Trader, which two very nice readers left comments about a few days ago.

And free household items at The Freecycle Network.

I am a huge fan of Real Simple magazine and would definitely recommend this month’s issue, they have a number of articles focusing on personal finance.

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