$182.85 worth of goods for only $38.59

I absolutely love Hallmark. The store near my home has a 75% rack that I frequent on a quarterly basis. Over the years I’ve managed to buy summer items in winter and spring items in the fall for a fraction of their original retail price. If I spot something a family member or friend will enjoy I buy it and store it in a special gift closet. I keep a file on my laptop listing all of the items I’ve purchased throughout the year along with the name of the recipient who will most enjoy it.

So this week I was sad to learn that my beloved Hallmark store is going out of business. Everything in the store is on sale, except the latest Valentine’s gifts. The rest of the items are all 75% off. But many of the items are already marked down. I bought a card that was originally $3.95 on sale for $1.99 plus an additional 75%. When all was said and done I walked out of the store with two bags full of cards, stuffed animals, baby toys, and a whole wad of other stuff. The sale was so good in fact that I returned a week later. While I was there I noticed the cashiers unloading a ton of boxes from the back. It seems the Hallmark store has a number of items in storage, so as the remaining items are sold they are continuously replenishing the shelves.

I’m afraid I might have to return one more time before the store finally closes it’s doors. Although I don’t need any of these items immediately, it certainly can’t hurt to have a stash of birthday cards and other gifts on hand for the year ahead.

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