Baby A’s car seat will support him until he reaches 22 pounds, but he’s growing like a weed and is currently in the 90th percentile for height and the 85 percentile for weight. Needless to say he’ll outgrow his original car seat much faster than your average baby.

Rather than waiting for him to outgrow his current seat I decided to begin searching for a new one now. I figured I’d have a head start that would help me find a really good bargain. According to the experts car seats are one item you should never buy used. The reason being that you can’t guarantee a used car seat has never been in a car accident before.

So I scoured the Internet for new ones and found a few good deals on Britax models. Late one night, long after I should have been asleep, I found a really great sale at Target.

I was clicking around on all sorts of things. Adding them to my cart and then removing them after further review. Well as some point in the night I found a much less inexpensive Britax model that had outstanding ratings, so I did what any sleep deprived mother would do I pulled out my credit card and purchased it.

A few days later a large package arrived outside my door and sure enough when I opened the box I found my car seat had arrived. There was just one problem. Inside the box I found a bright pink, flowered seat in a place of the black and gray one I expected to find.

I thought for sure the store made a mistake but when I went back and looked at my order I realized I’d accidentally ordered the wrong car seat for my son. While I did pay just over $100 for this seat, which is a really good bargain, it is undoubtedly pink! Similar seats for boys are at least $60 more.

So here’s the question. Do I stick with the bargain and keep the car seat at this unbelievable price or do I return it simply because it’s pink? I must admit it seems rather crazy to pay more just to get it in a different color. On the other hand it seems a little crazy to buy a pink car seat for my infant son just because it’s cheap!

*Note – I am not concerned about my son’s reaction to the pink car seat. He sleeps in a pink blanket every night. See picture above. I was more frustrated by my own mistake and I think slightly concerned that other people would recognize my cheapness, but in saying that out loud I realize that I really shouldn’t care what people think.