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Second Child? What to Keep? What to Donate?

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately by the sheer amount of stuff in our house. This always seems to happen to me this time of year. The weather is cold, we spend a lot more time indoors and I know that with the holiday season upon us the number of possessions in our home will soon increase dramatically.

I ventured into the haven for plastic containers, otherwise known as my basement, to dig through what he currently own and what we no longer need. Among the boxes I found clothes, equipment and toys that my son has outgrown as well as toys, clothes and equipment he hasn’t grown into yet. My brother provided us with box after box of toys that he might not use for the next two, three or even four years. I hate to get rid of these items, because I know my son will enjoy them one day, but for now they take up a tremendous amount of space in the basement.

I’m not sure what to do about all of this stuff. It seems silly to hold on to a bunch of baby clothes that our son has outgrown. If we do have another child we don’t know if it will be another boy and we don’t know if he or she will born at the same time of year or be the same size as our first. Our son wore a lot of warm weather items between 3 and 6 months. What if the next child needs short sleeved summer clothes during that same time frame?

Also, I’m not sure how many of the older toys I should hold onto either. Does it make sense to keep boxes of toys in our basement for three to four years while I wait for my son to grow into them?

I don’t want to waste the money and have to buy everything all over again but I also don’t want to keep moving boxes around and juggling containers of stuff we aren’t using on a regular basis. This is a particularly good time of year to donate items to children who may be in need. Why keep all of this stuff in boxes waiting for some day when another child could use them right away?

I’m sure there are a lot of parents out there who can weigh in on this topic. Did you keep a lot of your baby’s clothes, toys and equipment or did you decide to donate what you had on hand and buy new if and when the time came?

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