$14,700 Shelled Out in the Past Month

What is that famous line, when it rains it pours? That couldn’t be more true at our house this past month. We shelled out over $14,700 for a variety of random and unexpected expenses.

First, the house began to smell like raw sewage a few weeks back. In an effort to correct the issue plumbers installed a new toilet and flange. What seemed like a simple fix ending up costing us $900.

Next, the check engine light in our car went on. We paid a mechanic $40 to tell us the problem was probably tied to a loose gas cap. When the light went back on a few days later we paid another mechanic $800 to fix the real problem. I can’t remember the name of the parts that were replaced but without the repairs it wouldn’t have passed the emission test coming up in a few months.

Thinking our troubles were behind us we returned home from vacation to find the sewage smell had overtaken a few rooms in our home. Plumbers began ripping down plaster walls and ceilings to uncover multiple cracks in our sixty year old pipes. The solution $4700 worth of new pipes and labor to replace all cast iron pipes with PVC.

On the same day that we received the plumbing bill we refinanced our vacation home. The closing costs, (which included $5,000 towards principal), resulted in a wire transfer of over $8,300.

Think we’re done bleeding money this month? Not even close. Once the repairs to the pipes are made we’ll need to hire someone to fix the damage to the walls and ceiling. I estimate we’ll incur at least another $5,000 in expenses.

Let’s hope next month is free of issues and problems.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating it can be to just have one thing after another pile up that’s just the result of bad timing. I have nothing to say that can probably give you comfort…it just sucks. šŸ™


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