2006 Outer Banks Vacation Rentals Look Solid

If all goes well it looks like our beach house in NC might already be booked eleven weeks this summer. The ranges in weekly rental prices vary from $1,200 early and late in the summer to $2,275 during the peak weeks.

Some summers have been better than others for the outer banks but this year looks like it will turn out to be a good one. Maybe with the rate of airfare rising, people are turning to vacation spots they can drive to. Saving money on the flight alone can be a huge savings for even a small family.

It’s amazing that we already have eleven weeks of rentals and this is only the first week of April. It’s funny how far in advance people prepare for their summer vacations. It’s the one thing that keeps most of us going to work day in and day out during the summertime. The thought that all those long days in front of our computers, will eventually pay for long days on the beach and long nights looking out at the stars. I know I was already thinking about this year’s summer vacation before the last one had ended.

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