5 Things I’d Do With an Endless Supply of $

The following list includes the top five things I would do with an endless supply of money:

  • Figure out a way to make jelly shoes & bracelets popular again. For that matter, have Cyndi Lauper at my beckon call to play ‘Time After Time.’
  • Give large sums of money to anyone who holds the door for me or says thank you when I hold the door for them. Man… it ticks me off when people are impolite.
  • Bring back the game show ‘Press Your Luck’. I don’t know why, but I totally dug those whammy characters that stole contestant’s money.
  • Spend a week at the resort where ‘Paradise Hotel’ was taped. I’m afraid to admit that I had an odd obsession with that TV show that thankfully lasted for only one season. For those of you who don’t know Paradise Hotel sprang about in the peak of reality TV. The show involved a group of single people, pairing off, and sharing rooms together in a luxurious, remote hotel. Every week the roommates voted someone out of the hotel and replaced them with someone new. It was probably the worst show in television history.

Last but not least…

Convert all the money to gold coins, and use them to fill an oversize swimming pool where I could spend my days swimming among the riches, just like Scrooge McDuck.

The folks over at Problogger are running a Group Writing Project this week called ‘Top 5.’

You can join in the fun but you better act fast, the contest closes at midnight.

4 thoughts on “5 Things I’d Do With an Endless Supply of $”

  1. Funny you mention “jelly shoes” and bracelets. They are coming back in. I just saw them in neon colors at Claire’s.

  2. it’s true, they are back ‘in’ but the bracelets now denote how many boys the girls who wear them have kissed, slept with, etc. (different colors mean different physical activities). How’s that for corrupting our childhood memories?!

    I also totally, absolutely loved ‘press your luck’ as a kid–no whammies, no whammies, big money, STOP! I hearted those little whammies.

    paradise hotel? totally watched it. hated that i loved it, but loved it nonetheless. so mean, so filthy and dirty…but SO GOOD. that whiny tony or tori girl that was on that is on like every crappy hookup reality show ever.

    and ah…scrooge mcduck.

    you are a woman after my own tastes, I commend you for this post!

  3. I would shell out a lot of money for people to get their teeth fixed. Dental work is so expensive, but still, there’s no excuse for people to walk around with like 8 teeth broken or missing.


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