A Few Thoughts As I Start Out the Week


Last month I published a brain dump of sorts. This month I am back it with a new set of random thoughts and ideas.

  • This morning I attended an open house for a preschool just down the street from my house. I am considering sending my son there next fall for two days a week and I was shocked by just how emotional I became at the very thought of my little guy starting preschool. My emotions got the better of me as I pictured him another year older and navigating the world without me. Children change so much in these  early years and I’m just not ready for time to pass so quickly. Right now I want to savor the snuggles, kisses and hugs. I want to go on adventures that involve nothing more than picking leaves and searching for houses with Christmas lights. I want to soak up the time we have together before he starts school.
  • I’m not convinced I’ll send him to preschool but I do want to investigate my options. I plan to submit an application and pay the non-refundable $75 fee. Then I can sit on my hands and wait until late next summer to decide if I really want to send him.
  • I loved reading all of the conflicting viewpoints about bargain shopping after Thanksgiving. Some personal finance bloggers were on board with diving for bargains while others pointed out that no one really needs more garbage from China. I love that we live in a country where we can spout our thoughts and I am thankful for the means to step back and reflect on my own beliefs this time of year.
  • I did not shop at all on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • I returned a pair of snow pants on Saturday. I received a hand-me-down pair from a former coworker, which saved me $18.
  • I took a bunch of bags to the donation center on Friday. I felt a bit guilty at first for bagging up some toys my son no longer plays with, but when I saw less fortunate children walking around the store I knew I had done the right thing. My son still has more toys than he needs and if we are blessed with a second child we have the means to buy more. Do you have family members that never donate to others? I have a few who would rather store stuff for thirty years than give to those in need. When I told them I donated some things I could sense their utter disappointment in me.
  • While I was at the thrift store I stopped in to look for another pair of snow pants. I’m afraid my son might outgrow the ones we received by January or early February. I paid a little over $2.00 for them, which seemed like a ridiculous bargain. Snow pants are the perfect thing to buy from the thrift store. They are barely worn and if it doesn’t snow I won’t feel guilty for shelling out money for them.

3 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts As I Start Out the Week”

  1. I love hand-me-down snow pants. We’ve received several Lands End and Columbia snow pants and snowsuits from a shopaholic relative with good taste in quality kids’ clothing.

    When I mentioned to my mom, a couple of years ago, that we were donating a bunch of the girls’ Little People toys, she actually said, “But what will your grandchildren play with?”

  2. I’ve kept so many things from my son, but if he didn’t seem interested in a toy I would prefer to donate it then store and hope that the next kid, (if there is one), takes more of an interest in it. Perhaps it’s a generational thing? I have also heard the grandchildren line before. And I know people who kept every toy their children ever played with. I just don’t like clutter enough to do that.

  3. I really hate buying made in China stuff too. I made a concerted effort to buy USA products. And there are a lot out there if you’re willing to look and spend a little extra money.


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