A Few Thoughts On Life

As I was digging out a bunch of old college notebooks in the basement I came across a series of quotes from a professor who spoke to us honestly and openly on our last day of class. I remember this particular class quite vividly. He told us that he wanted to impart a few words of wisdom before we ventured out into the remainder of our college years. All of the other students leaned back and relaxed, no need to take notes or pay close attention, but I grabbed my pen and began jotting down the words as he spoke them. In between his words I doodled flowers in the margin of my paper, but I took his words to heart that day. Fifteen years after they were spoken I now believe his words are more true than ever.

  1. We have a need to push others down in order to push ourselves up.
  2. We are more alike than different.
  3. We are judged primarily by our successes.
  4. Rarely do we allow people to be different.
  5. If every family ate dinner together the world would be a better place.
  6. Invest money in something promising as soon as possible.
  7. Time has a way of taking people away from us. Cherish the time you have together.
  8. Be careful with whom you choose to marry.
  9. When you are in a relationship with someone keep space. There is more to life than one person.
  10. Learn to be independent. Don’t count on another because people can’t always be there. Things happen.
  11. Be kind, gentle, and forgiving to yourself.
  12. No one has more invested in you then you.
  13. It’s hard to enjoy your life without hurting yourself or others.
  14. Those individuals who bring you the largest amounts of happiness may bring you great amounts of tragedy.
  15. Often annoying and difficult people need our help the most.

I struggle with many of these sentiments and have written about many of them in this blog time and time again. For example, I know that annoying people often need our help the most but I am usually too irritated by their actions to assist them. I try to be kind, gentle and forgiving to myself, but often find my own thoughts and fears push me away from being truly accepting.

It is because of this particular professor that the girls I mentioned in my post yesterday are friends. Sometimes one person has an enormous impact on your life. I did not realize it at the time, but if I’m ever given the opportunity I would like to thank him.

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