A Follow Up: Use What You Own & Buy What You’ll Use

After a long day of working, driving, visiting my folks and a trip to the dentist I am too tired to post. Instead of writing I spent some time catching up on some of my favorite personal finance blogs and found a few new ones I thoroughly enjoyed.

During my travels I came across a great post on My Wealth Builder tonight that echoes the ideas mentioned in Waste: Failing to Enjoy Your Possessions. If you weren’t inspired by the first post, definitely check out My Wealth Builder’s thoughts on the matter.

4 thoughts on “A Follow Up: Use What You Own & Buy What You’ll Use”

  1. lately I’ve noticed that if I think I need something and wait, it often turns up in my own house. this is pretty scary. I “needed” new things to hang in our powder room which is rewallpapered. Lo and behold, I found a nice framed picture in my upstairs closet which I took down because after a lot of years I was tired of it — it looks great. Cost: $.00 ~~

  2. Money Changes Things — The exact same thing happens to me. If I think about it hard enough I can usually find some item in my home that can be used in place of buying something new.

    Glad to know I’m not alone.

  3. As for us, my wife and I are complete thrift store and yard sale junkies. We have a small budget set aside for only items to be purchased at thrift stores or yard sales. This way we can get “new” (to us) things that we need around the house but still stay within our budget and work toward our financial goals. It gives us some insurance from feeling deprived and it’s like a treasure hunt, too! And, it seems you find one deal and it leads to more and more deals!



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