A Fridge Full of Leftovers and the Most Random Dinner

Before we left for North Carolina this weekend my husband and I pulled all of the leftovers out of the fridge and placed them in the cooler for the long trip down south. Tonight, rather than cooking up a feast, we pulled everything out of the fridge and heated up the most random assortment of leftovers including: homemade Chinese food, stuffing, baked beans, and grilled chicken and onion.

I cut the chicken and onion into little pieces and ate that quesadilla style with baked beans and the tiniest amount of leftover sour cream and salsa. My poor husband ate some random combination of stuffing and leftover homemade Chinese food. We didn’t have any rice on hand, so he made do with what we had.

Now we eat leftovers pretty often these days, but I’m not certain we’ve eaten such a strange combination of them before. My husband was working on projects around the house until nearly 9 o’clock tonight, so it was nice to dump everything into pans on the stove and have dinner ready in a matter of minutes. It was also nice to spend the evening outside, rather than standing in the kitchen preparing and cooking dinner.

All in all everything tasted good, it was just an old combination lumped together on one plate. The good news… we managed to eat everything in the fridge this week without wasting any food. Even better news we didn’t have to burn gas to get to the store or spend money on additional groceries.

What about you? Do you ever have random ‘eat down’ nights where you clean out the fridge and eat whatever random combination of food is left in there?

4 thoughts on “A Fridge Full of Leftovers and the Most Random Dinner”

  1. This would be called ‘slop’ in my family — only Mom took it one step further, and stirred everything TOGETHER before heating it! Sounds disgusting, but there were actually some very yummy combinations…which I’m not sure would ever be duplicated again. The “Poor Poet’s Cookbook” suggests this for soup.
    P.S. Love your column; I stop by at least every other day.


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