A Great Little iPhone Application

While patiently waiting for over an hour at the doctor’s office I began to peek through the App Store on my iPhone and came across a sweet little application called the Gratitude Journal. I immediately fell in love with the cute little Buddha Baby depicted in the application and decided to spend 99 cents to install it.

The Gratitude Journal enables users to create lists of items that they are thankful for each day. Users can attach a picture to each journal entry and even rate the day to see which ones are the best. Each time you create a new entry you are presented with the words, ‘Today I am grateful for…’.

Since I downloaded the application I must admit that I am searching for items in the day that I am grateful for, and somehow the mere act of searching is making me feel more and more grateful.

If you don’t have an iPhone or you don’t want to spend .99 cents downloading this application I suggest creating a small journal of your own. Any small pocket sized memo book or spiral notebook will do, but I suggest keeping it with you at all times if possible. I find myself jotting down moments as they occur or just after they happen and I strive to find at least three events or people each day for which I am grateful.

I’ve written about similar journals in the past. There is something inspiring and enlightening about focusing on the good in your day. I hope you will be inspired.

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  1. There are social psych studies that shows that this will improve your overall happiness šŸ™‚ You just want to monitor how you feel about it and if it’s too difficult to come up with things each day move it to every few days so that it seems easier.


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