A Heart-Warming Millionaire in the Making

I love reading the ‘Millionaire in the Making’ stories on CNNMoney.com. This week’s story is about Daren Fike, a 38-year old widower raising his four year-old daughter Melody. It’s a heart warming story that speaks to the importance of making the most of your time on earth. Daren says, “I would gladly give every cent I have to spend just five more minutes with my late wife Christie so you can be sure I’m not taking the time I have with Melody for granted.

It’s unfortunate that it takes a major event, like death or illness, for people to appreciate their lives. We are often too busy and bothered to cherish the relationships with those around us. It’s wonderful that Daren now treasures his time on earth, especially his interactions with his daughter.

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1 thought on “A Heart-Warming Millionaire in the Making”

  1. That is truly a touching story about Fike and his notebooks. How tragic to have lost his wife but it seemed to be the catalyst that lead him to make the most of his future for he and his daughter. He’s teaching her invaluable lessons. There’s no insurance policy for success but he seems to be doing all the right things to point things in the right direction.



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