A Mini-Shopping Spree to Celebrate My Birthday

With my closet cleaned out and my clothes all packed for donation I decided to head out to the mall for a little birthday shopping. I started with a trip to JCPenney. I’m not a huge fan of the store, but I found a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase that I just couldn’t resist. I thought I’d end up in the housewares department, but instead I found two blouses I really liked. I paid $5.41 for the first (originally $26) and $17.37 for the second (originally $36).

With two shirts in hand I ventured over to Macy’s to return a birthday gift that didn’t quite fit. There I purchased a summer dress and two more blouses. I bought the dress for $23.52 (originally priced at $49) and the blouses for $15.80 (originally $38) and $9 (originally $24). I used two coupons; one for $10 off a $30 purchase and one for 20% off any purchase.

I also bought a nightgown for $3.99 (originally $19.98) and splurged on three pairs of my favorite underwear for $20 (originally $27). Best of all the kind cashier allowed me to use the remainder of a gift card, so my total out of pocket costs were only $7.85.

I made one last stop before heading home at Marshalls where I found a super cute t-shirt on the clearance rack for $10 (originally $24.99).

At full price all of these items would have cost: $244.97. Instead I paid only $88.95 for four blouses, one t-shirt, one dress, one nightgown and three pairs of underwear. That’s a savings of over $150.

Best of all my grandmother wrote me a $100 check for my birthday that more than covers my mini-shopping spree. She’s quite the little bargain shopper herself and she’ll be more than pleased at all I bought with the money she gave me.

4 thoughts on “A Mini-Shopping Spree to Celebrate My Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday and congrats on your little haul! I love getting items at a bargain. I'm one of those people that scours the internet for the best price before I buy anything online, and refuse to pay full price at department stores.

  2. Way to go! Nice bargain hunting. My grandma and I swap coupons and bargain hunting tips too- I print them for her since she's not on-line. It's a nice way for us to stay connected over the miles.

  3. That's quite the shopping, nice finds! Just wanted to say it's a bit odd to me that it's a "mini shopping spree," to me, that's a big shopping spree! šŸ™‚ (I really don't shop in splurges often… Usually, I may only get one or two things.)

    Either way, hope you had a wonderful birthday! Always nice to treat yourself. šŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes.

    Foxie – I guess it was a big shopping spree, I considered it 'mini' because I spent such a small amount for so much stuff.


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