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A Not So Simple Question

How do you find time in life for the things that really matter?

*Bummer. I just realized I deleted the meat of this post. I had two posts with the same title and I guess I deleted the wrong one. Funny enough I scheduled the post so I didn’t check the contents until today. Oh well…

Mary Weiland

Monday 2nd of August 2010

It's priorities and making choices. At the end of the day, we all have been given the same amount of time - it's how you choose to spend it.

One Frugal Girl

Sunday 1st of August 2010

@Clare - That is an excellent question!


Saturday 31st of July 2010

I think that for many people the first question to be answered is "What is it that really matters?"


Friday 30th of July 2010

Because my past self has saved enough money so that my current (and future) self has enough freedom to chose how I spend my time.

tl;dr: By living below my means.


Friday 30th of July 2010

If it,s important enough to you, then you will find time.