A Quiet Night

My husband’s away for the night, so I made myself my absolute favorite dinner, a large plate of eggs and french toast. It is a beautiful night in Maryland, so I sat outside for a little while watching the leaves fall. I really wish I hadn’t sold my digital camera on eBay. The leaves looked amazing tonight and I wanted a photograph to savor the moment.

I came inside after it got dark and spent the evening cleaning out my closets and pulling my winter clothes out of storage. In the last year or two my husband and I have donated bags and bags of items to the Goodwill. In the past, I’ve lugged sweaters, sweatshirts and sweatpants up from the basement. This year I had roughly two drawers worth of winter items to pull out of storage. Primarily sweaters for work and sweatpants for lounging. Our house is extremely limited in closet space so the less items I have to find a place for the better.

Although I’ve been shopping much less frequently than I used to, I was surprised to find clothes with the tags still on them. I’m very hard to fit, so when I find something I like, I tend to buy duplicate items. I found a couple of pants and shirts in the closet with tags that were purchased for this very reason. I also forgot about a few items I bought at the end of last year’s winter season. I was thrilled to find these ‘new’ items in my storage bin. I pulled out two brand new pairs of J. Crew sweatpants I bought last year at 75% off the retail price. With all of my ‘new’ found items I shouldn’t need to buy a single article of clothing this winter.

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