A Storage Solution for Toys

Storage Bin

For over a year I’ve been on the lookout for a storage solution for my son’s toys. We originally bought a shelving unit with multiple compartments but it was difficult to actually keep the toys corralled on the shelves. It seems a lot of my son’s toys are round and spherical in nature, which led to a bunch of toys falling off the shelf whenever he tried to grab just one.

He’s actually a very careful child, so he learned how to work around this, but when playmates came over toys inevitably crashed onto the ground. I got so frustrated by the shelves that I moved them to another location and began using it for a different purpose.

I tried moving my son’s items into plastic bins and storage drawers, but he wasn’t able to view all of the toys and grew disinterested in digging around to find them.

I searched around the Internet and found the perfect solution. It comes in two versions. One in pastel colors, like the one at the top of this post and one in primary colors as seen below.

Storage Bin Primary Colors

The new unit isn’t the most robust thing in the world. It’s made of two pieces of particle board and a bunch of metal rods, but it does serve it’s purpose perfectly. It took me about ten minutes to set it up. My son actually helped me put the unit together and move all of the toys onto the shelves. The shelves are tilted down so my son can easily see everything in side of the bins and the bins can hold all of his balls and other items that were constantly rolling off of the old shelves we used.

Now he can see everything he could possibly want to play with. Whatever doesn’t fit on the shelves will be moved into temporary storage and rotated.

It also makes clean up a breeze. All of the legos fit in one storage bin. My son can take the entire bin off of the shelf, play with the toys and then put everything back in the bin. Everything is self-contained, which I love!

The unit is currently on sale at Amazon for $54.99.

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