A Very Cheap Vacation So Far

I’m still on vacation and haven’t spent much time on the Internet since I arrived. For the most part it’s been an unbelievably peaceful vacation and I definitely do not want to return to work anytime soon. Luckily I have one more week before I have to return to the real world.

Today was a cloudy, rainy day so my mom and I ventured down south to the Tangier Outlets. My mom bought me three long sleeve shirts, (a bit of a belated birthday gift), and two blouses for herself. All told we spent less than $75.

At the grocery store I spent a total of $230 so far. Thanks to the super-double coupon promotion, (doubling coupons up to $1.98), I stocked up on a bunch of non-perishable items that I will carry back home to Maryland. Among the list are pasta, tortellini, tomato sauce and a whole slew of toiletries. At least $75 of the overall total was spent on my stock-up supply.

My family splits dinner preparation with my in-laws so I only have to cook dinner every other night. We’ve spent the most money so far this week purchasing meat, poultry and produce.

I’m hopeful that the weather will clear up tonight and that we’ll have another seven days of blue skies and sunshine. Rainy days tend to bring about shopping and spending money, while sunny days bring swimming and sailing.

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  1. It's summer and beaches are the best place to get vacation. But having vacation will cost us from the fare itself up to hotel wherein we will check-in. That is why I am thankful for having a discounted airfare on my last trip, at least it lessen my bill.


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