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It’s been awhile since I last left a post, and in response to an anonymous reader’s question I am happy to report that I am still alive.

My husband and I headed down to the ACC tournament in Tampa to watch my favorite Terrapin team get beaten by Miami. I am a HUGE fan of college basketball. So much so, that my husband bought the airline tickets to Tampa as my Christmas present this year. We bought tickets to the ACC tournament from the terrapin club before we left, paying well over $300 for eleven games. At the time we thought we were lucky, after all, we didn’t want to pay $100 a ticket to the scalpers. We could not have been more wrong. On the first day of the tournament scalpers and fans were holding up fists full of tickets. We paid $66 for tickets that included two games and $33 for tickets for the finals. Although we were happy to be in attendance we sat in the next to last row in the 300+ section of St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa.

A Terp fan sitting in front of me paid only $5 per game to sit in the 300+ section and only $20 a ticket to sit on the 100 level. It seems the scalpers couldn’t give the tickets away. My husband and I learned a valuable lesson: If the ACC tournament is held in a venue other than Greensboro there is no need to buy tickets in advance.

Nevertheless we had a great time in Tampa. The weather was beautiful. Our hotel room looked over the river. We got to swim in a heated pool in 80 degree weather. And for a little while we got to focus on basketball and forget about the rest of the world.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time! We hit the Big 12 tournament two years ago and will definitely go again when its back in Missouri.


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