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All Ready for Christmas

The tree is lit, the gifts are wrapped and I’m all ready for the Christmas festivities to begin. The next day or two will be a whirlwind of time spent with family, opening gifts and eating tasty food. Every other year I hold Christmas Eve dinner at my house and I have to say I’m happy that I’m not hosting this time around.

Tomorrow I plan to do absolutely nothing but read a book that’s been sitting on my nightstand for over a week. I want to sleep in late, take a long morning shower, change into comfy clothes, light a fire and snuggle onto the couch with my book and my kitty. I planned to do that today, but a few last minute coupons and gift ideas got in the way of a long, relaxing afternoon.

I need to prepare a small appetizer for tomorrow’s get together. I haven’t figured out what to make yet, but I do NOT plan on going to the grocery store in search of ingredients. If I don’t have everything I need on hand, then I’m taking a large tub of hummus and some veggies.

I’m looking forward to Christmas and to seeing all of the people I love. Now I just need to maintain these warm, happy feelings as my husband and I rush and hustle from one location to another over the next two days.

One Frugal Girl

Friday 24th of December 2010

@Maureen & Elizabeth - Merry Christmas! I hope it's a great one!


Friday 24th of December 2010

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Friday 24th of December 2010

Have a marvelous Christmas.